Veritone Showcases Multilingual Synthetic Voices of Executive Leadership on Veritone’s Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021 Financial Results Call

With the iconic voice of Vin Scully opening Veritone’s quarterly earnings call, Veritone’s CEO, President, and CFO used Veritone Voice, an artificial intelligence voice modeling solution, and produced the call in six languages

Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), creator of aiWARE™, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, announced today that the audio script for the company’s fourth quarter and full year 2021 financial results call was brought to you by digitally cloned voices of Chief Executive Officer Chad Steelberg, President Ryan Steelberg, Chief Financial Officer Mike Zemetra and very special guest digital twin of the legendary sports announcer Vin Scully. This is the world’s first use of multilingual synthetic voice clones for a financial results call.

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“Getting earnings data out into the market is incredibly important and often stressful as we scrutinize every detail in our script and filings”

Veritone Voice is part of an emerging market made up of digital assistants and voice applications valued at $14.8B and projected to grow to $36B by 2025. The Veritone Voice solution enables entities across all industries to scale content production and supports individual talent such as celebrities, athletes, and market influencers.

“I have yet to meet an executive who enjoys reading scripts developed by marketing, altered by investor relations, and scrutinized by legal, into a microphone – even when it’s great news,” said Ryan Steelberg, president and co-founder of Veritone. “Executives are also often fatigued in the preparation for earnings, but with Veritone Voice are now able to express the vocal tone they prefer when delivering the script. Furthermore, the speed and quality of the synthetic content we can produce has changed the way broadcasters, podcasters, audiobook publishers and animation studios are producing content. The two largest broadcasters in the U.S. are now leveraging our solution for content creation and localization. Once enterprises realize how much content they produce and how efficient realistic synthetic content creation and localization is – they, too, will follow the path of the media and entertainment industry.”

With Veritone’s Voice-as-a-Service (VaaS) solutions, Veritone offers a comprehensive suite of integrated voice features including voice creation, voice management, voice licensing with rights and clearances, voice workflows and voice monetization.

For Vin Scully, and all talent working with Veritone, the company has implemented strict safeguards and regulated process and checkpoints to ensure proper rights, clearances and content approvals are followed. Once consent from Scully was received, Veritone was able to collect the necessary, authorized, training data to create his voice model. Added IP protection for Scully’s voice clone and all voice clones in Veritone Voice include inaudible watermarks and proprietary tools to help ensure content can only be accessed after permission is granted. All voice training data and voice models are stored in a highly secure, proprietary digital asset management platform, ensuring the protection of voice model data. Vin Scully’s voice AI model, like all other voice models in Veritone Voice, can only work on Veritone systems and cannot be deployed anywhere else.

“Getting earnings data out into the market is incredibly important and often stressful as we scrutinize every detail in our script and filings,” said Mike Zemetra, chief financial officer of Veritone. “When using synthetic voice for our financial results call, my first concern was what if there are last minute changes or corrections? I discovered that Veritone Voice takes just a few minutes with updates, and it also enhances non-verbal aspects of speech such as pitch, volume, speed of delivery, rhythm and intonation – making my synthetic voice the closest version of my own voice.”

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