Veritone Voice Breaks Language Barriers with David Meltzer’s The Playbook Podcast Reaching Over 500 Million Spanish Speakers

Featuring Entrepreneur, Investor and Best-Selling Author, David Meltzer, Veritone Voice Enables Meltzer to Provide his Unique Perspective in Spanish in his own Voice

Veritone, Inc, creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform, has announced that The Playbook podcast featuring David Meltzer will use Veritone Voice to offer its content in Spanish to serve the Latinx market. Already offering this content in English, Meltzer plans to expand his audience reach to Spanish audiences, acting as a key use case in how AI-enabled voice can help promote cultural and language barriers and enable unique voices to reach global audiences.

“Working with Meltzer and his content team is truly a perfect alignment in mission”

Driven by the mission to empower over 1 billion people to be happy, Meltzer and team understand that they must expand beyond the English-speaking market. Previously, they were using translators and voice actors as a means to translate the content. However, this approach creates numerous production challenges such as managing multiple schedules, costs and a reduction in authenticity. With Veritone Voice, the team can more efficiently and effectively deliver Meltzer’s content in his own distinctive voice in Spanish, maintaining the essence of his personality and thought process in another language.

“Veritone Voice has opened a whole new door for us,” said David Meltzer. “We have an answer to our core challenge—how can we get this content in front of a global audience at scale and with minimal cost in both time and resources? Veritone removes the barrier of language fluency to maximize the reach of my voice and message and build communities outside of English-speaking markets.”

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“Working with Meltzer and his content team is truly a perfect alignment in mission,” said Sean King, general manager, commercial enterprise. “Veritone believes in AI for good, aligning seamlessly with Meltzer’s mission to do good by impacting people’s lives with his unique perspective and experience regardless of what language they speak. This is just one of many use cases for Veritone Voice that will have a positive impact in creating global communities that can share ideas and benefit from this transmission to make a more connected, dynamic and innovative world.”

Built using Veritone’s foundational Enterprise AI technology and combining it with the company’s many years of expertise in content licensing, Veritone Voice is a hyper-realistic synthetic Voice as a Service (VaaS) solution that’s part of the new Veriverse portfolio of offerings. The solution allows celebrities, athletes, influencers, broadcasters, podcasters and other prominent figures across industries to securely and ethically create, distribute and monetize synthetic voices. Winner of the 2021 NAB Product of the Year Award, Veritone Voice offers both stock and custom voices, serving customers of all sizes as a true end-to-end synthetic voice solution that’s empowering new ways of communication across global audiences.

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