Launches the World’s First AI-Based Human Model Generator Brings Its Vision of End-To-End Merchandising and Catalog Automation to Life

Artificial Intelligence startup announced the commercial launch of its latest product that analyzes garments and automatically generates a human model. The product will allow retailers to give their customers a unique experience, personalizing the model’s pose, body type, accessories and more. Retailers across the globe spend millions on product digitization and photography. With, companies can tag, title, describe and also help shoppers visualize garments with AI generated models.

The AI can generate a human figure within an image of the garment laid out on a flat surface, while also predicting how the garment would fit. While several solutions in the industry use 3D body scanners and more,’s GAN approach needs no special hardware and uses algorithms developed by its Neuroscientists and image recognition experts to help the AI generate many human body types and visualize the garment on it. The approach makes it highly cost-effective for retailers to scale and go to market faster than before.

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Ashwini Asokan

Speaking at Shoptalk, the world’s largest conference for retail and innovation,’s CEO Ashwini Asokan says, “’s vision has always been to enable Intelligent Retail Automation, by putting the human experience at the center. Merchandisers and teams responsible for product digitization in the retail industry go through a lot of trouble to process products, digitize them, shoot photos and plan the visual merchandising, all with the hope of bringing about a good customer experience. At, we’ve studied these processes and observed our customers go through the motions of these functions. The AI we’ve built is to make their lives easier with the single goal of going to market faster while keeping the integrity of a fantastic customer experience. AI is here to stay, and the work we’re doing with marquee brands across the globe is a sign of their growing trust.”

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Ankiti Bose also announced its partnership with Zilingo, a Sequoia funded marketplace with its presence in over 10 countries. Zilingo’s CEO, Ankiti Bose says, “As a partner of, one of the most useful AI use cases is auto-tagging. Simply because we have thousands of sellers each putting up 5000-10,000 products per month and we serve customers in more than 10 countries. This makes our processes not only faster but also more accurate and simpler with lesser errors, also improving the customer experience across all our channels. It’s not like we need an army of merchandisers and marketers—it’s all happening using their AI platform.” partners with Zilingo on its operations and retail processes – from catalog management and creation of rich metadata to personalization and content monetization across channels.

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