Wanda’s Partnership With Candao.io: Formation Of A New AI Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence is the technology of the century and the driving FORCE of a revolution. And it has been a well-established fact from the observations made over the years that, decentralization is the demand of the century. And what if we told you that we are soon to witness something big, something that can truly transform the world into a real decentralized and AI-driven ecosystem.

Who are Candao.io

Candao.io is an AI-based social media platform that enables its users to enjoy the real decentralized social network. A place where everyone has a say and has an equal chance to put forward their voice and gain recognition. Wanda.Exchange has recently announced its partnership with Candao.io enabling the channels to a real decentralized financial ecosystem. Let’s dive into the details to have a better understanding of the dynamics of the partnership.

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The Dimensions Of The Partnership

Wanda.Exchange is the largest payment service provider in Thailand when it comes to non-FIAT exchange modes. In recent years Wanda’s revolutionary decentralized solutions have helped merchants throughout Thailand unleash the real power of decentralized networks, under a govt. approved framework working under the regulations of Thai SEC.

Wanda’s recent partnership with Candao.io will enable both of the partners to cooperate in the fields of AI and decentralized networks. Cnadao.io aims to provide its users with a one-stop solution for most of the digital services that we need in our daily lives. And all of this being done in a decentralized environment controlled by co-existing communities in a regulated manner. Wanda’s partnership with Candao.io will provide growth opportunities for both of the companies helping each other expand and improvise their services and technologies.

What Else To Expect From Wanda.Exchange in The Coming Days?

Through the course of the past three years, it has been a well-established fact that Wanda.Exchange has always been committed to bringing real decentralized financial ecosystems to the world. And the recent updates from Wanda prove it! Wanda.Exchange plans to announce many such constructive partnerships in the coming time. All of this will help them to reach their target of providing an efficient decentralized financial ecosystem to the world.

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