Weka Achieves Exascale in Record Time

Fastest-ever ramp to one billion gigabytes of data under management

WekaIO (Weka), the data platform for AI, announced it has surpassed an Exabyte of data under management with its innovative storage architecture that delivers the highest performance for the most data-intensive workloads with simplicity at scale in the cloud or on-premises. Built from the ground up, Weka’s achievement was realized in less than 7 years since the company’s launch, making it the fastest to reach Exascale of any storage vendor on the market .

Weka’s record-breaking growth is a direct result of widespread enterprise adoption of its solution for modern applications including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Data Analytics and other GPU-intensive workloads. AI and GPU workloads require 10x greater performance and scale than traditional Tier 1 applications to meet enterprise demand in delivering the fastest time to productivity.

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“Companies are looking to consolidate their data sets into a single, unified view to gain the best insight into their business”

Meeting the performance demands of modern workloads places significant challenges on enterprises as companies demand the low latency and performance of all-flash storage with budget constraints that require lower-cost S3 storage. Weka’s data management platform was built in the cloud to address these modern workload demands, fully integrating flash, S3 object storage, cloud and on-premises in a single framework.

“Companies are looking to consolidate their data sets into a single, unified view to gain the best insight into their business,” said Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The Weka solution is designed to address high-performance AI workloads at massive scale. Combined with the ability to seamlessly integrate high-performance flash with S3 storage provides tremendous advantages to companies wishing to have complete visibility into to their entire data from any application. It’s no surprise that this level of functionality propelled Weka to exceed an Exabyte of data managed.”

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Weka’s software-based, cloud-native data platform allows customers to leverage low-cost S3 storage with fast NVMe flash storage, on-premises or in the public cloud, to quickly build out a massively scalable foundation for Enterprise AI projects that attain industry-leading performance and economics. Weka’s extensively patented zero-copy architecture, driven by high-performance, scalable multi-protocol support for all file and object, means that customers don’t have to buy, manage and administer several distinct storage systems across ingest, processing and data protection. Instead, they can leverage Weka to seamlessly integrates flash, hard drives and cloud S3 storage in a single data pool that scales to hundreds of petabytes in a single namespace.

“Despite all of the challenges across the world during the past 20 months, 2021 has proven to be a record-setting year for Weka,” said Liran Zvibel, co-founder and CEO of WekaIO. “In addition to reaching Exascale in record time, we have seen record growth in customers and revenue, as well as making it into the Gartner Magic Quadrant for distributed file and object store as a visionary in record time. We believe our strategy to embrace disk-based S3 object storage as a data lake tier has propelled our growth beyond Exascale. Our software platform has proven that a software solution that integrates high-performance flash storage with low cost S3 based hard-disk technology is the winning solution.”

The Weka data platform was built to address the storage challenges posed by modern applications that leverage Cloud, GPU compute through innovations in how Flash is used. WekaFS offers the simplicity of NAS, the performance of SAN or DAS and the scale of object storage. Organizations no longer have to make compromises between simplicity, speed or scale. With its unique software-defined architecture, customers can run on-premises, natively in the cloud, orchestrate their data effortlessly between the two. The ability to mix and match flash and disk offers customers the best economics.

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