MERIDIUN and Sitch Ai Partner to Bring Intelligent Omnichannel Platforms to Mobile World Congress Americas

Leading Augmented Reality (AR+) and IoT Platforms Present New Tech Collaborations

MERIDIUN, an intelligent augmented reality (AR+) platform, and Sitch Ai, developer of geospatial and situational awareness technologies, are pleased to announce that the companies will attend and exhibit in partnership at Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), the world’s premier event where business leaders come to evolve and advance in the sphere of mobile technology. Held Sept. 12 to 14, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif. and exhibiting in Booth #S2746, the two companies are merging Sitch Ai’s proprietary AI and IoT software with MERIDIUN’s leading-edge omnichannel mobile technology—highlighting the ways in which geospatial, AI and AR technologies are transforming the way people experience the safety, education and retail spaces. Together the companies integrate cutting-edge technologies, like tracking sensors, wayfinding and facial recognition, to augment consumer experiences for improved business results, loyalty and public safety.


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“Sitch Ai chose to partner with MERIDIUN because of its advancements in augmented reality and interface technologies, which have already provided top companies in the retail, medical, travel and transportation industries with new ways of merging digital presences and physical spaces to engage, monetize and analyze consumer engagements. This partnership presents an exciting opportunity for growth and development in this vital area of the retail experience. We are proud to host MERIDIUN at MWCA,” says Connor Burns, Sitch Ai’s chief strategy officer.

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“We see this relationship as a groundbreaking development in the practical integration of technologies in the digital and physical spaces—a big step forward in the artificial intelligence and augmented reality applications,” says Robert Brown, MERIDIUN’s chief executive officer. “We are honored to partner with Sitch Ai to present our latest release of our omnichannel platform to the mobile community at MWCA and to the world.”

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