Pimax Releasing New Technology to Enable “VR 3.0” Industry Adoption

Pimax Innovation, a technology company specializing in advanced virtual reality (VR) hardware is announcing new hardware that they believe defines the technical concepts for VR 3.0 and entry into a fully immersive Metaverse.

“Metaverse” represents the core of the next-generation Internet. This concept has gradually become a consensus of the VR industry, spurring the Telecommunications, Media & Technology (TMT) industry towards rapid adoption since the “Metaverse” is only accessible via VR devices.

Pimax is hosting an online conference on October 25th, 2021 at 10am PDT where the new technology will be revealed, along with details on how VR 3.0 software can be implemented. The presentation will also include a number of Pimax partners who will participate and discuss their plans for new technology.

At the conference, Pimax Innovation will announce the concept of VR3.0 for the first time along with the corresponding product roadmap. Pimax has always been known for groundbreaking high-end technology often introduced years before similar hardware hits the market. Many hardcore VR players from around the world use Pimax headsets as their primary driver. VR 3.0 level products will create a new standard of immersion that is hoped will encourage the market to continue to innovate.

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Here are the stages VR has gone through from the early days to today:

VR 1.0 / For Development
Milestone product: Oculus Rift DK1 (Developers Kit 1)
Typical Specs: 1080p (combined) / 90° HFOV / 3DOF

VR 2.0 For Entertainment
Milestone product: Pimax Vision 8K
Typical Specs: 4K (combined) / 170° HFOV / 6DOF

VR 3.0 For the Metaverse
Milestone product: Pimax new upcoming VR headset
Defining traits:
Naturalness / Self-awareness / Freedom (see below)

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The following excerpt is from the Pimax Frontier presentation script explaining the three defining traits for VR 3.0


This means you are so completely immersed in the VR environment that your brain is consistently fooled into thinking you’re present in another world. We didn’t have the technology until very recently, and now we do.

A VR 3.0 device must have specs that achieve a highly consistent feeling of presence as close to natural human vision as possible. Six degrees of freedom allows an essential sense of space that we have when we move naturally and when we see objects in reality.


In the short term it means that you are enabled to feel more like yourself in VR thanks to various tracking technologies that can include head, eyes, face, hands, fingers and even your whole body. More of your actions can now be captured then be seen in VR, so that you can recognize yourself more. You become truly self-aware with your VR headset.

And if you think about that for a moment, not only would you be more like yourself, so are other people. All interactions suddenly involve eye contact, micro-expressions, hand and body gestures, these are the non-verbal methods that account for 93% of how we communicate in the real world. Relationships between people inside VR become closer and similar to interactions in real life.


Freedom in VR 3.0 means to be given the option to choose how you wish to enjoy VR but without compromises. Whether you wish to access VR via wireless or tethered, inside-out or outside-in, PC VR or standalone. The experience should remain satisfying and consistent.

Many features you wish for in VR devices have now become within your reach in VR 3.0. To achieve freedom means to have possibilities. It is what allows us to think the impossible, to discover the undiscovered and to take actions when we wish to change environments in VR. Freedom is essential for VR 3.0 because it opens the path to the future.