Blueshift Launches Predictive Audience Syndication for Facebook

New Release Enables Marketers to Integrate Facebook Custom Audiences into Cross-Channel Marketing

Blueshift, the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Cross-Channel Marketing, announced Blueshift Predictive Audiences for Facebook. Using Blueshift’s AI, brands can now optimize their ROI on Facebook and drive 1:1 customer experiences.  The latest release extends Blueshift’s Cross-Channel Platform that already supports channels like Email, Mobile Push notifications, SMS, and Websites.

Marketers can now use Blueshift’s AI engine to create Predictive Audiences based on a 360-degree view of customers. For instance, marketers might create Predictive Audiences based on propensity (e.g. likelihood to churn or likelihood to complete a purchase), affinity (e.g. category preferences) and customer lifetime value. Audiences are updated based on real-time data and are continuously synced with Facebook.

Blueshift Launches Predictive Audience Syndication for Facebook
Blueshift AI Cross Channel with Facebook

Artifact Uprising, an online provider of premium quality custom photo goods, who already depends on Blueshift’s AI for intelligent email & mobile marketing, is an early adopter of the new capability. “We are seeing great results from the use of Blueshift’s AI in our Cross-Channel Marketing. Unifying all of our customer data across channels with Blueshift has enabled us to move faster and scale our personalization.”

Blueshift Launches Predictive Audience Syndication for Facebook
Lauren Hogan

Another customer, BiggerPockets, the world’s largest online hub for real estate investors, is seeing dramatically higher conversions on Facebook with the new capability. “We achieved a 10X increase in webinar registrations through Facebook by using Blueshift’s Audience Syndication. The Audience Syndication provides an efficient way to find potential customers on Facebook by leveraging existing customer data,” said Lauren Hogan, Director of Marketing at BiggerPockets.

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With Predictive Audience Syndication, you can create segments of customers who are likely to engage, convert or churn using predictive scores and affinities. Using these segments as Facebook Custom Audiences increases the ROI of Facebook campaigns. The new offering extends Blueshift’s core capabilities around segmentation, recommendations & customer journey orchestration to Facebook in the following ways:

  • Build & sync audiences in a few clicks: Blueshift’s visual segment builder enables the marketer to create advanced audiences in a few clicks by selecting the right conditions and syncing them with Facebook.  No need for an army of analysts running SQL queries.
  • Optimize Ad Spend using predictive audiences: Accelerate ROI with predictive scores & affinities targeting customers based on their likelihood to engage, convert or churn.
  • Integrate Facebook as a dynamic component of a cross-channel marketing strategy: Customers automatically move in and out of various custom audiences in Facebook based on how they engage in other channels such as email, website and mobile apps.

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Marketers are using the new release to reactivate dormant customers, improve purchase rates, and to create lookalike audiences in Facebook based on a full understanding of customer lifetime value.

Blueshift Launches Predictive Audience Syndication for Facebook
Vijay Chittoor

“This release is another significant step in our mission to help companies activate their customer data using AI. We are excited that our customers are now able to use Blueshift to drive 1:1 engagement on social and paid channels in addition to owned channels like email, websites and mobile apps,” said Vijay Chittoor, co-founder & CEO of Blueshift.

Blueshift’s other recent innovations in AI Powered Marketing include “AI-Powered Customer Journeys,” a next-generation solution that enables marketers to deliver content-rich & personalized customer engagement across every marketing channel. Blueshift was also recently awarded a patent for its AI Powered Marketing.

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