Hydrolix Cloud Data Platform Helps Arkose Labs Save Money and Deliver Real-Time Insights on Millions of Fraud Attacks Daily

Hydrolix announces today the immediate availability of a case study describing the Arkose Labs migration to the Hydrolix cloud data platform. Arkose Labs’ fast growing data challenges: The only things scaling faster than the company’s triple-digit customer revenue growth were the costs associated with collecting and analyzing terabytes a day of raw data. They needed an alternative to their existing platform which would improve their margins and future-proof their business.

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“The data challenges at Arkose Labs fit perfectly with our mission”

“The data challenges at Arkose Labs fit perfectly with our mission,” says Marty Kagan, CEO of Hydrolix. “They ingest billions of events a day, each containing hundreds of fields of sparse and complex, high-cardinality, semi-structured data. They care about real-time ingestion, they care about long-term retention, and they care about the kind of sub-second, interactive query performance you can’t get from brute-force scans of un-indexed data.”

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Today, after migrating to Hydrolix and Superset, Arkose Labs’ Security Operations Center (SOC) identifies, investigates, and resolves threats at a lower cost than their previous data platform, which was built on market leading NoSQL and document databases. Moreover, switching to Hydrolix has enabled Arkose Labs to consolidate their data infrastructure by eliminating the need for separate hot, warm and cold tiers.

“Dealing with fraud in real time requires tremendous speed and flexibility. Hydrolix allows our team to process over 100 million events per second/per core, exceeding our performance and scaling requirements,” says Ashish Jain, Chief Product Officer of Arkose Labs.

From a product perspective, having a unified data platform with unlimited retention builds on Arkose Labs’ success and empowers the product team to extend the company’s capabilities and deliver more value to customers with real-time dashboards, unlimited filters, and visibility across a much broader set of time ranges. Complex forensic queries are now complete in milliseconds.

“Running our own copy of Hydrolix inside our VPC has allowed us to truly leverage the potential of Amazon’s elastic infrastructure, by independently scaling our compute and storage layers in our data management stack,” says Joe Hsy, CTO of Arkose Labs.

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