The Windows Club has announced the release of their newest article: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Privacy. The guide examines common methods of securing your data and takes a look at common scams and the best practices to avoid them.

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Online privacy is a direct concern for many in modern times. In fact, 91% percent of Americans feel like they’ve lost control of their online privacy. The best place to begin regaining control is by choosing antivirus software and possibly a Virtual Private Network to avoid the most direct threats. “Most people are aware that a virus can cause computer problems like redirecting a browser to specific sites, slowing it down, or locking it up completely,” The Windows Club says in the guide. “If someone makes a backdoor into your system with a virus to scan for information and possibly log your keystrokes to steal your passwords, you might not be aware it’s happening.”

Online scams are another big way that online privacy becomes compromised. Malware can be passed along in email attachments and there are a variety of phishing and consumer scams that try to pry information from users.

The best way to begin protecting your data is to adopt certain practices when browsing online. Avoid entering any of your personal information on public computers, for example, and be careful what information you are making public on your social media pages.

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