Quintesse Launches Curated Brand Marketplaces to Offer Advanced Contextual With Unmatched Precision at Scale

Integrations with Leading DSP and Ad Exchange Partners Power Bidstream Analysis

Quintesse, the advanced contextual targeting platform, built by a team with 13 patents and 21 years of contextual technology development, today announced the general availability of its solution that analyzes the global bidstream to provide Curated Brand Marketplaces for precise contextual pre-bid targeting at scale. Curated Brand Marketplaces are enabled by integrations with best-in-class demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad exchange partners, most recently including Xandr, Avocet and IPONWEB.

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Advertisers and agencies can easily create custom semantic lemma maps to define content requirements at the brand, campaign and even placement-level. Using natural language processing (NLP) and computational linguistics, Quintesse then analyzes the bidstream to create Custom Brand Marketplaces, which include only specific URLs and pages of content that match a brand’s safety and suitability preferences as well as domain inclusion and exclusion lists. The platform then creates Deal IDs that are used to activate contextually targeted display, native and video campaigns on more than 240 different DSPs.

When Avocet, an innovative DSP with unique eye tracking-based attention measurement and targeting capabilities, migrated its current clients to Quintesse, there were several notable improvements across key metrics in contextual targeting. Compared to the previous provider, the Quintesse platform discovered 2X the inventory at a competitive cost per thousand (CPMs) and correctly assigned 18.5% more URLs for brand safety and 25% more URLs for general categorization. Additionally, latency dropped by 10X within the Avocet system from 11 milliseconds with the previous provider to approximately 1.1 milliseconds with Quintesse.

Avocet CEO Ezra Pierce said, “Advanced contextual is clearly going to be — or should be — a key part of every media strategist’s planning for the cookie-based challenges of 2022. We spent a lot of time testing contextual platforms and Quintesse was a clear winner. Quintesse’s levels of precision and scale, along with its inherent privacy and brand safety, make it an essential tool for most of our clients.”

Despite the privacy regulations and policy changes that will eliminate third-party cookies and identifiers, the IAB is witnessing “a dangerous business-as-usual approach” to the problem: spending on third-party audience data increased by 3.3% in 2020. However, Digiday Research found that to prepare, more than 50% of agencies and brands plan to spend more money on ad campaigns that use contextual ad targeting.

Quintesse CEO and co-founder Doug Stevenson said, “It is a critical time to be testing privacy-safe contextual technologies. However, not all contextual is created equal. Quintesse has been diligently advancing contextual technology, leveraging cloud architecture and partner integrations to achieve unrivaled scale, ensuring there are viable solutions to the privacy obstacles global marketers face today. Our Curated Brand Marketplaces help brands and agencies optimize the pre-bid instructions on contextual placements with precision and scale, making it a valuable privacy-safe and future-proof solution.”

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Quintesse is seeing 300% year-over-year growth as traction with key brands and agencies increases amid the industry’s urgency to explore new pro-privacy avenues. The Quintesse platform is the next-generation leader of contextual targeting. It uses NLP, curated machine learning (CML), semantic analysis and a lemmatization method to offer clients a deeper level of transparency of context down to the paragraph-level including sentiment and emotional tone recognition.

The Quintesse Curated Brand Marketplace process begins with a discovery phase of relevant topics, themes and brand suitability preferences to form a semantic framework for advanced contextual targeting. The platform’s intuitive UI includes CML tools that make it easy to build out semantic logic in the form of lemma maps to increase reach and contextual depth. To keep semantic logic fresh and continually optimize the campaigns, Quintesse’s CML ensures these custom lemma maps are dynamic by adding new relevant topics and removing those that fall out of relevance.

Quintesse also provides clients with post-bid monitoring and analysis. The detailed contextual verification reporting provides URL-level transparency on where a campaign ran to help maximize understanding of brand safety and suitability as well as contextual relevance. Clients are currently testing this reporting on their audience-targeted campaigns to gain a better understanding of the contextual profiles of their audiences as they prepare for pro-privacy advertising methods to reach their target audiences when unique identifiers are not available.

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