Sendoso Gifting Survey Finds Majority of Recipients Want Gifts From Small Businesses, Local Merchants and Minority-Owned Businesses

Global survey on corporate gifting finds 83% of businesses that received a gift felt closer to the company that sent it.

Sendoso, the leader in delivering branded, B2B experiences through gifting, today released findings from its global survey on corporate gifting trends ahead of the holiday season. The survey of more than 1200 respondents revealed that more than two-thirds want gifts that support small businesses, 63% want gifts that support local merchants, and 58% would like gifts from minority-owned businesses.

Amongst all respondents who received a corporate gift over the past two years, 83% said the gift made them feel closer to the company who sent it. The survey findings suggest that, even as companies face economic uncertainty, corporate gifting remains an important tool to connect with other businesses and support smaller or minority-owned businesses that may be experiencing economic difficulties themselves.

“Corporate gifting creates another avenue for people to connect professionally, but it adds a personal component to make that specific touchpoint one of meaning and value,” said Kris Rudeegraap, CEO, Sendoso. “What we’re seeing now more than ever is that people not only crave connection, but in the sending market, what and where you give from has an impact as well.”

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The global survey included respondents in the U.S. (501), U.K. (501) and Ireland (252) who received a corporate gift in the last 18 months from a for-profit company they work with or use for personal purposes. Results found that in 2022, these connections are more important than ever:

  • 35% of respondents have an increased openness to a company reaching out to them;
  • 30% of respondents have an increased desire to connect with a company they use for personal or business reasons;
  • 40% of respondents have had a general increase in desire to connect with others.

Additionally, the survey found that recipients care about where their products are coming from and are open to gifts from organizations that support good causes and align with their values. Nearly 24% of respondents indicated that a surprise gift was most likely to build a connection, followed by something practical (23%) or a gift card that can be used anywhere (20%). The survey also found that recipients increasingly value sustainability. While the U.S. saw a slight shift over time, there was a more drastic draw toward sustainably manufactured gifts in the U.K. from 36% to 59% and, in Ireland, from 36% to 61% over the past two years.

“Even in, or maybe especially, in uncertain economic times, corporate gifting is an important way to show people they are valued rather than just say they are,” said John O’Connor, VP of Sales at Fellow® Coffee Products, a Sendoso marketplace brand offering. “Being on the Sendoso marketplace means we have the amazing opportunity to help companies make their people feel even more appreciated and understood by gifting them our products.”

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