Veritonic Launches Predictive Audio Score To Ensure Businesses Leverage The Most Powerful Audio Creative Quickly

Machine Listening and Learning Predicts Effectiveness of Audio Ads, Voiceovers, Sonic Brand Elements, Music, Scripts and More

Veritonic, the audio intelligence platform, launched new predictive capabilities for Veritonic Audio Score, the first overall rating standard for audio creative including ads, voiceovers, sonic brand elements and more. The new technology generates an instant, comprehensive score for marketers and others to understand how their audio creative stacks up to others like it and make fast, informed decisions as a result.

The predictive Veritonic Audio Score remedies two fundamental problems in marketing and research today. The first is that legacy approaches to market research are commonly seen as too slow, expensive and not comprehensive. The second is a business’s inability to garner meaningful insight into the value of their audio creative — its emotional resonance, ability to drive purchase, and more — which is obviously paramount in the context of the “audio renaissance.”

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The new predictive score solves for both by leveraging machine listening and learning (M-LAL) to produce robust intelligence on the power of audio creative assets instantly.

“We owe it to our advertising partners to be data-forward to help them truly capitalize on the audio renaissance,” stated John Musgrove, head of research and insights for Southern Cross Austereo, Australia’s largest radio network. “Part and parcel of that is continually delivering fast, meaningful insight that empowers them to make better creative decisions. The predictive Veritonic Audio Score is our indispensable means to that end.”

The Veritonic platform, ingesting data on the human response to audio for over five years, leverages machine listening and learning to assess each creative against more than 20 features (e.g., tone, brand mentions, frequency). It then predicts response on a second-by-second basis, validates it with a human panel and assigns a score. Measured on a scale from 1 – 100, the Veritonic Audio Score combines individual ratings for a given audio file’s:

  • emotional resonance
  • memorability (recall)
  • ability to drive purchase of the product
  • most engaging aspects.

As each creative is tagged for a range of characteristics, clients can weigh assets against numerous benchmarks — from industry sector to competitive set — for a practical sense of their relative value.

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“Every week I hear a new story about how a business that was looking for data to help inform an audio marketing decision had to wait several days to get a pile of spreadsheets,” says Veritonic CEO Scott Simonelli. “In an era when your strategy for smart speakers, podcasting, sonic branding and the like is so closely tied to your growth, relying on antiquated measurement systems to guide that strategy is clearly unacceptable. Predictive Veritonic Audio Score is upending that paradigm.”

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