Algorand Foundation Boosts Fan Experience at III Points Festival Using New Computer Corporation Tools

Digital wallets unlock exclusive III Points festival activities using the Algorand-powered NCC fan club architecture

The Algorand Foundation, whose mission is to grow the ecosystem of Algorand, the carbon-negative Layer 1 blockchain invented by Turing Award winner and MIT professor Silvio Micali, announced its partnership with the New Computer Corporation (NCC) to enhance the fan experience at the upcoming III Points Music Festival in Miami from October 21-22, 2022.

NCC, which builds on Algorand blockchain to create decentralized application program interfaces (dAPIs), has developed an in-app program that will reinvent the fan experience for those attending the III Points Music Festival. Participating fans will be granted free access to fast lanes for festival entry and roller skating, as well as a dedicated three-point basketball competition and happy hour. Participants will also have the chance to cast a governance vote for headliners that will appear at the 2023 III Points Music Festival.

Accessing the program is easy, fans can participate in three steps:

  1. Download the Insomniac app and navigate to the III Points landing page
  2. Click “FreePoints” to unlock free festival activities
  3. Setup your Algorand digital wallet to receive tokens that grant access

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“The Algorand Foundation is proud to support the NCC and continue to advance the boundaries of blockchain technology within the music industry,” said John Woods, Chief Technology Officer of the Algorand Foundation. “Digital wallets within the III Points app enable users to heighten their festival experience and even shape the festival they want to be a part of in the future.”

The III Points Music Festival activation marks the launch of NCC’s mission to build a creator economy that reinvents the relationship between artists and fans. This marks the initiation of a broader effort to rebalance the scales of commerce in favor of creators.

“Transforming fans’ III Point Music Festival experience is only possible because of Algorand’s speed, efficiency, and low cost,” said Greg Bresnitz, Chief Growth Officer of the NCC. “The ease in which fans can participate will serve as a use case for future widescale adoption throughout the creator economy.”

The Algorand blockchain powers its digital wallets with secure transactions that process at 6,000 TPS, and the platform has had zero downtime since launching in 2019.

“Our collaboration between with Algorand Foundation and the NCC rewards our loyal fans with an enhanced experience at this year’s festival,” said Erica Freshman, Founder and Partner at III Points. “Algorand cutting edge blockchain and the NCC’s user-friendly interface provides our fans with new activities and unprecedented involvement in shaping the future of the III Points Music Festival.”

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