Amazon FBA Podcast Lunch With Norm Discusses Ways to Reduce Amazon FBA Fees in New Blog

Amazon FBA and e-commerce podcast Lunch with Norm has recently published a new blog post sharing 6 ways to reduce Amazon FBA fees. This platform is also known for its podcast that features accomplished business leaders.

Lunch with Norm has recently released yet another insightful blog post to help its ever expanding pool of followers. In this brief article, Amazon sellers will find 6 most effective ways to reduce their Amazon FBA fees. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Norman Farrar, Lunch with Norm has now emerged as a trusted resource amongst small business owners looking for the latest and reliable information about running an e-commerce business.

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It has been observed that Amazon fees often eat into the profitability of the sellers. Eliminating unnecessary fees can help sellers increase their profit. 6 ways to reduce these fees, as suggested by Lunch with Norm are summarized below.

  • Check Product Dimensions: Product size and weight determines Amazon Fulfillment and storage fees. This is why sellers should regularly check product dimensions and in case of any higher size discrepancies, report the same to Seller Support.
  • Correct Size and Weight Band: Amazon FBA fulfillment fees are charged by product size and variable weight tiers. A variable weight fee applies to anything heavier than three pounds. Therefore, it makes sense for them to lighten the product and its packaging.
  • DIY Preparation: Instead of using Amazon for all the prep work, sellers can make significant savings by doing it on their own or hiring a third party that specializes in FBA prep work.
  • Eliminate Unfulfilled and Stranded Inventory: Products classified by Amazon as unfillable remain as part of a seller’s inventory and a storage fee is charged until they are removed. This expense can be avoided by removing them immediately.
  • Storage Fees: Sellers can reduce their storage fees by keeping fewer inventories in the fulfillment center.
  • Amazon Fees Audit: If incorrectly charged Amazon fees are not reported and corrected, these reimbursements can add up over time. Auditing software such as GETIDA can be used to keep track of Amazon FBA inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA reimbursements.


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