Airtame Adds Power over Ethernet Product to Their Services

With the New Airtame PoE Adapter, Airtame Users Get a Cleaner Setup with a More Stable Network Connection

Airtame, a Danish company that produces a wireless screen​ sharing solution for both business and education sectors, just released the Airtame PoE to USB Adapter product.

Wireless screen sharing requires power and a constant, stable network connection. Power over Ethernet (PoE) can provide both through the same cable when you use the Airtame PoE to USB​ Adapter.

It’s an accessory that provides power as well as an Ethernet connection over USB to the Airtame. When Airtame is PoE-enabled, it only needs the network connection set up as it will receive power from the same cable. It removes the need for an AC power adapter and plug, something that can end up saving a lot of money.

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A wired Ethernet connection with the Airtame PoE to USB Adapter is much more stable than a regular WiFi connection – and faster too. It gives users a cleaner and more reliable setup.

“If your Airtame is placed somewhere that’s hard to reach with no power outlet near or if you’ve simply got too much WiFi traffic, then a PoE-enabled setup could really help you out,” says Simon Hangaard Hansen, Product Manager of Airtame.

Airtame is a wireless screen mirroring solution that allows you to instantly display content from any laptop or mobile device to any display. Its multifunctional use case means that it can also be used as a digital signage solution.

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Airtame’s mission is to help people use screens better.

The company is based in Copenhagen with other offices in New York and California.  

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