Chimney Vigor Group Acquires TONIK+, Powering the World’s First Independent Data-Driven Creative Studio

Chimney Vigor Group (CVG), the world’s largest independent creative content studio, announced today, July 6, 2021, the acquisition of TONIK+, an industry leader and innovator in the video intelligence technology space.

CVG’s acquisition of TONIK+ strengthens its creative capabilities and expands its world-class reputation as a powerhouse in global content production – and now video intelligence technology. With third-party data being challenged, it is even more critical that CVG partners with TONIK+ and its unique technology to maximize ROI on each campaign.

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TONIK+ unlocks audiences by intelligently re-editing creative content based on audience consumption patterns through the use of proprietary technology. It provides clients with universal formatting that allows for use across all social channels. Results show an average 50%+ improvement between the re-edited video and the client’s original video and in many instances improvement against client baseline KPIs exceed 300%+ (TONIK+). 

“After 25 years in the industry and being a tech nerd, I seldom get as impressed as I am with both the TONIK+ technology and their team. The holy grail is not to know if a certain consumer usually buys a specific item; that data exists. But rather, what kind of ads and creative outputs outperform others towards a certain consumer, and also being able to predict it before launching the campaign. This is what we will be able to achieve by partnering with TONIK+,” said CVG’s founder and CEO, Henric Larsson.

Morgan Harris, CEO of TONIK+, commented: “Joining forces with CVG is an incredible opportunity. Between their creative legacy in production and post-production and our rising reputation for exceptional video technology services, we will be an unstoppable force in the global content markets.” This acquisition will enable clients to see data-driven results on world-class creative work resulting in more efficient marketing spending and ROI.

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