Drive Product Quality and Revenue from User Feedback with unitQ’s Zendesk Integration

unitQ, the real-time solution for staying on top of product quality across all platforms, announces the availability of its new Zendesk integration to manage support tickets. unitQ turns a company’s Zendesk tickets into a source of growth by automatically extracting quality issues reported by users and reporting the data in a dashboard called unitQ Monitor. Companies on Zendesk already using unitQ Monitor have seen a 20% improvement in product quality during the first 30 days.

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unitQ helps teams find and fix product issues as they’re being reported by piping in user feedback from any support ticketing channel or language in real-time. The new Zendesk integration helps category-leading companies drive growth and revenue. For example, support teams save time responding to tickets, product teams get prioritization and real-time insights to inform their roadmap, and engineering teams receive actionable insights that reduce time to fix. Companies can also leverage unitQ’s two-way Zendesk tagging to address users in bulk by common quality issues.

“Until now, the monitoring of human data has been a manual and ad hoc process which risks important signals potentially falling through the cracks. Zendesk is a key channel for understanding what users’ pain points are and we’re thrilled to bring this solution to market,” said Christian Wiklund, CEO, and co-founder of unitQ.

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unitQ’s real-time solution aims to bring once latent, manual workflows up to speed so that keeping up with complex, software-focused apps, and products in a CICD environment is not only possible but effectively gives them an advantage. unitQ monitors public feedback channels including Google Play and the App Store, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, NPS Surveys, and other support ticketing systems. Its seamless API allows organizations to pull in any text data, such as voice to text from support calls.

With feedback consolidated, unitQ Monitor automatically identifies and tags quality issues, mitigating manual tagging errors, and lag in discovery. Support teams can now easily understand an issue before reading a ticket and escalate it with a click of a button. As of 2018, just 21% of bugs were fixed immediately at companies, according to Statista. unitQ aims to bring that number closer to 100% so that users received the bug-free product experience they deserve.

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