Banner Before Header Launch New Podcast ‘RevAmp’ for B2B Sales and Revenue Operations Leaders

0 312 just launched a podcast channel, RevAmp. The podcast channel was created for sales and revenue operations professionals, utilizing experiences and best practices from industry professionals in leading brands. launched RevAmp because it recognized that sales and revenue operations professionals do not have access to enough high-quality resources and cutting-edge content from fellow professionals who are willing to give away their best practices and experiences. Enabling professionals to learn from a network outside of their immediate company was part of the inspiration for the podcast titled RevAmp, which is an abbreviation of the words Revenue Amplification.

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The RevAmp podcast can also be listened to via additional podcast applications, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts.

One of the valuable features of this podcast is the ability to filter by company headcount, job role, or topics, so you easily find podcast interviews from professionals in a similar stage of growth. Guest interviews cover a range of subjects, including process building, data and analytics, operational KPIs, executive alignment, and technology stacks.

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When asked what made this podcast different, VP of Marketing, Gideon Thomas said, “It’s the ability to capture the authentic voices of those B2B professionals who are closest to the heartbeat of effective revenue growth.” This resource will also help the c-suite and executive team understand the nuances of these roles and how they provide a clear lens and process for effective decision-making.

DealHub intuitively understands the common challenges many sales and revenue operations professionals face. This guiding principle is why the DealHub platform was purpose-built to create one horizontally connected sales motion from Lead-to-Cash. G2 recently recognized DealHub in the Top-50 Best Products for Sales Awards.

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