Equipping Businesses for Better Lead Generation and Sales With the Launched Website of LeadX

LeadX unveils its new website with additional features and a brand-new offering for customers, partners and employees called X-Factory. With the X-Factory concept LeadX cover the full customer, partner and employee journey including the phases Launch, Accelerate and later Cruise & Control

Grappling with sales lead management is a thing of the past. Facilitating sales enablement and lead generation successfully for businesses across varied spheres, LeadX 360 is back with a new website and Salesforce extension available for more than 150,000 Salesforce clients in more than 120 countries, as well as a SuperOffice extension for Nordic companies in tandem with a plethora of added features.

“With our new website leadx360.com including X-Factory, we want to give the LeadX 360 App community the resources, inspiration and motivation they need for building Lead Generation Empires. We have made it easy for customers to buy the licenses online, and within 48 hours get their Lead Generation Community launched, and then through X-Factory access to the resources they need to succeed with disrupting their sales processes. Through the LeadX 360 concept we help our clients empowering everyone to post warm leads from their personal networks. We have made lead generation social and fun and are helping our clients to boost their pipeline with high quality leads.” – Tom Aas, Founder & CEO LeadX.

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Along with its pioneering lead management system and unique tools that enable companies to cash in on referral leads faster, LeadX is launching its brand new and unique Customer Success Concept for all clients of the LeadX 360 app. This has been named X-Factory.

The company is already offering a dedicated LeadX community to all clients, partners and employees and will now be offering all vital resources for alliances to quickly launch their use of LeadX before accelerating the development of their own lead generation empires in the future.

With its focus on creating an entire ecosystem for clients, LeadX 360 will also be helping management personnel and owners tackle issues faster while achieving their desired targets in quicker time. Anybody can register for obtaining membership and customers of LeadX will get exclusive premium access to X-Factory.

What X-Factory will do is to build a whole ecosystem for sales that will equip companies and owners with the resources needed to create their own gargantuan sales networks and empires. All the tools and resources needed will be at their fingertips in a massive value addition for those who are clients of the LeadX 360 app.

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LeadX 360 helps businesses in multifarious ways including the following:

  • Empowers everyone in the organization to post warm and pre-qualified leads courtesy their personal and professional networks.
  • This saves time in filtering leads and employees are encouraged to keep sharing warm/ hot leads for getting more incentives.
  • These include rewards and recognition.
  • Deals can be easily handed over to the sales team and leads can be posted instantly from anywhere within a few seconds.
  • There is multi-device and platform access in addition to easy integration with top CRM tools.
  • All progress is tracked in real-time and deals are closed as a team.
  • Employees are incentivized to earn bonuses while company revenues also go up as a result.

Along with cashing in on hot leads generated through personal and professional networks of employees and partners, LeadX 360 enables better sales lead management as well.

Some of the key features of LeadX 360 include the following:

  • Fast Entry of Leads within 10 seconds with necessary information on the deal.
  • Real-time tracking and data for enhancing sales.
  • Cross-platform access across laptops, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Seamless handover to sales along with following progress in real-time.
  • Super-fast and powerful app with ergonomic and contemporary design.
  • Open API with easy integration with top CRM (customer relationship management) platforms.
  • 360-degree lead capturing and capabilities of posting unlimited leads.
  • Single news-feed for tracking progress on live deals in real-time.

Employees are the biggest source of pre-qualified, warm and hot leads for the company to cash in on and this is what LeadX 360 recognizes. If they are incentivized for their role in generating leads, then company sales go up while a stronger sales culture is built at the same time. This is where LeadX comes in handy as a very efficient tool that leverages relationships in the most efficient manner for future growth and success while taking care of smooth employee leads management simultaneously.

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For learning more about LeadX 360, new additions and how they can help you achieve your sales targets, you can register for our webinar that will take place August 20th, 2020.

In other developments, LeadX has officially tied up with Salesforce for being present in the latter’s AppExchange program from April 15th, 2020 and, onwards. This has revolutionized lead management for companies since LeadX can be easily downloaded by Salesforce customers onto Salesforce platforms for their companies across the world. With LeadX being integrated into Salesforce customer platforms, employees can be easily encouraged for posting leads on the same.

This 360-degree approach towards lead capturing will greatly help customers of Salesforce worldwide. With greater capabilities on tap, Salesforce customers will now be able to notch up higher sales while leveraging networks better at the same time.

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