Brands Within Reach to Focus on Sustainable Growth in 2022

The beverage company plans to invest in its own electric truck fleet, embrace eco-friendly packaging and relaunch the national private brands XING Tea and Aspen Pure mineral water

As the world prepares for the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, BWR is doing its part by announcing plans to focus entirely on sustainable growth beginning in 2022. By building its own electric truck fleet, all brands will be delivered to U.S. metropolitan areas via electric mobility. As a first step, up to 50 electric trucks will be purchased. The declared objective of the new corporate strategy is to take a holistic approach to tackling the Environmental, Social & Governance issue by creating a sustainable supply chain to address the mounting climate emergency facing the planet. “We don’t look at sustainability as a trend. Our aim is to bring about real change,” explained Olaf Zachert, CEO of BWR. “The focus on sustainability principles is good for both the environment and for business. Consumers are more aware of the climate issue than ever before and are now demanding more ethical and environmentally-friendly products.”

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With the restructuring of the company, BWR will focus on regionally produced products in the future. In the mineral water segment, BWR’s own brand “Aspen Pure” will be relaunched. “We envision a perfect market launch with outstanding growth opportunities, in particular, in the mineral and flavored water segments,” said Zachert, about the company’s decision. A suitable production site is currently being sought in the Rocky Mountain region. The region is also to be included in future brand communication. “Aspen is known worldwide and we believe that this potential will also have an impact on the consumer’s willingness to buy a high-quality, regional water. Likewise, we see major growth opportunities nationwide,” Zachert continued.

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The company is also planning the relaunch of its own brand XING Tea. As part of this, the packaging will be switched to 100% recycled materials by the end of the first quarter of 2022. In addition, the packaging size will be adapted according to consumer taste and the distribution channels will be expanded. Four flavors are planned for the launch. “Consumers love Xing’s low-calorie, natural green teas and cannot wait for them to be available again,” said David Dorsey, U.S. Press Secretary for Zachert Private Equity. The numerous customer inquiries BWR receives every day underscore the demand. XING Tea continues to be made from high-quality natural fruit flavors, pure cane sugar and honey and contributes to a health-conscious lifestyle.

Since the acquisition of BWR a year ago, the company has been focused on sustainable products Made in the USA. This approach will play a major role in the BWR portfolio going forward which complies with the company’s new corporate values. As a result of the extensive restructuring measures, BWR forecasts show profits for the first time in 2022. “It will be a great business by next year. We are determined to develop BWR into an all-green, sustainable and carbon neutral company. And we look forward to making the first acquisitions in the U.S. market that fit our portfolio in the coming year,” said BWR CEO Olaf Zachert.