CAKE by Accelerize Announces Vertical Solution for Retailers

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New Product Capabilities and Customer Success Fuel Marketing Technology SaaS Provider’s Expansion into Growing E-Commerce Industry 

Accelerize and its digital marketing software division CAKE announced a new vertical solution for online retail companies that delivers the power of marketing intelligence to boost profitability, performance and return on advertising spend (ROAS). An enterprise SaaS solution, Journey by CAKE brings clarity to customer journeys and elevates marketing performance. E-commerce brands using Journey have already achieved up to 120% total revenue growth with multi-touch attribution insights of cross-channel marketing campaigns and the anonymous customer journey.

An online retailer’s web site has typically been considered the main starting point for the customer journey. However, engagement begins long before consumers land on a brand’s site, whether that’s through discovering a company through search, social, affiliate or other touchpoints. The ability to collect and unify all cross-channel data – including the anonymous customer journey – is vital to accurately measure marketing performance and understand how to optimize marketing efforts that drive revenue growth. With the Journeyonline retail solution, brands can unify fragmented cross-channel data into marketing intelligence and gain a complete view of the customer journey, from the very first interaction with a brand’s marketing message all the way to initial and repeat purchases.

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With Journey, retailers gain the following:

  • Unified Marketing Analytics – Collect identity-based data across devices and channels including paid search, direct, display, organic search and more.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution – Measure the impact of channels and campaigns on the customer journey for improved ROAS.
  • Customer Intelligence – Gain insight into customer value and behavior, including clarity across the anonymous customer journey.
  • E-Commerce Reporting– Granular reporting by product, category, SKU and more.

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An estimated 1.7 billion people worldwide purchased goods online in 2017. During the same year, global e-retail sales amounted to $2.3 trillion and projections show a growth of up to $4.5 trillion by 2021 according to a Statista report.

“The exciting opportunities of worldwide e-commerce are there for the taking, and marketing plays a key role in achieving success. Collecting information from engagement and click-through rates to demographics and conversions has resulted in a huge amount of data retailers can leverage to expand their growth,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer. “However, the challenge is understanding how consumers engage with digital marketing campaigns along the entire customer journey and even more importantly, how to get the most of your marketing dollars to reach potential clients. Retailers that utilize analytics-driven marketing and marketing intelligence solutions to turn data into actionable insights are the ones poised for business success.”

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