Agile CRM Recognized as a Leader in the CRM Space

Company Increasingly Ranked Higher by Major Software Review and Discovery Sites

Agile CRM was recently ranked as the seventh most popular customer relationship management (CRM) solution by Capterra, a world-renowned business software review site. Capterra also ranked Agile CRM as one the top 20 most user-friendly CRM solutions. In addition, GetApp, a leading business app and software discovery platform, recently ranked Agile CRM as the number two leading CRM solution in the entire CRM space.

Since launching in 2013, Agile CRM has risen from a lesser-known CRM provider to a leader in the CRM industry. This is largely due to the fact that Agile CRM is an all-in-one solution, meaning that in addition to providing traditional CRM capabilities, it also delivers full sales, marketing, and customer service modules on the same platform.

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Businesses are increasingly opting for an all-in-one CRM because they:

  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining various systems for those additional functions
  • Align a company’s teams around one source of data truth
  • Allow businesses to maintain deeper insight into results and make more data-driven decisions
  • Increase productivity as users don’t need to switch back and forth between various applications
  • Improve the overall customer experience as end users from every team are working with the same customer and prospect data

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“Being ranked in the top 20 in both Capterra categories is quite humbling,” said Agile CRM founder and CEO, Manohar Chapalamadugu. “And being ranked second by GetApp, behind only Salesforce, is incredibly encouraging. Over the last few years, we have increased our focus on delivering the best customer experience possible to ensure our customers are successful using our product. These rankings validate our efforts and encourage us to work even harder to deliver a world-class customer experience.”

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