Wrench.Ai Integrates With Iterable To Simplify The Path To Personalization

Marketers Can Deliver Meaningful Personalization at Scale by Automating and Distilling Customer Data into Easy-To-Apply End User Insights and Preferences

Marketers using Wrench.Ai’s AI-enabled platform can integrate natively within the Iterable application to deliver meaningful personalization at scale. Wrench.Ai empowers marketers to automate and distill hours of client research into easy-to-apply end user insights and personalization preferences, using deep learning and semantic analysis. The technology allows teams to assign cross channel contact preferences, product lead scores, and prescribes personalization strategies to increase engagement, conversions, and satisfaction rates.

Oftentimes, marketers dealing with significant datasets struggle to generate key insights for current and upcoming products, making it challenging to develop highly resonant marketing campaigns, including A/B testing strategies, that continue to improve the customer experience, along with overall conversion.

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The Wrench.Ai platform detects customer preferences and product interactions, aiding marketers in determining the most effective ways to communicate with their customers and prospects. Iterable customers will also have access to Wrench.Ai data engineering and data scientists to help them most effectively use the platform.

“Personalization is hard, and scaling meaningful personalization is even harder” says Dave Schwartz, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Iterable. “When a company does personalization well, it not only has an impact on sales, but also solidifies trust and long-term relationships, which are so critical to brands in highly competitive markets.”

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Dan Baird, CEO of Wrench.Ai notes that “Iterable is one of the best CRM solutions for enterprises that we’ve seen and we’re proud to be integrating with them. The combination makes it possible for enterprise teams to generate personalization insights faster than ever before, and scale customized strategies over time that align with their unique needs and goals.”

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