Best CRM Software Awards Given for August 2018 by 10 Best CRM

Awards organization 10 Best CRM has selected the latest winners of its monthly award for Best CRM Application. For August 2018, InfoFlo was chosen as the top honoree in this category.

Customer relationship management software, also called CRM software, is a critical tool for businesses that need to up the ante with their same-customer sales. The software is also key for customer retention, marketing and profitability. These tools make marketing a lot easier compared to other methods of reaching out. In order to find the best CRM software, savvy business owners used to have to spend a lot of time researching individual companies and asking around. Therefore, the 10 Best CRM service has set up a new monthly award for the best CRM application. This list makes it much easier for company owners to manage their time and select a CRM tool that best suits their needs.

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InfoFlo is the best CRM software for August 2018. Based in Toronto, Canada, it obvious why it is one of the leading firms for CRM solutions. The tool is able to integrate searches, maps and sales data to create infographic maps and charts. It offers management for sales, leads, calendars and email. It also has database and email import functions. Business owners can get a free trial of InfoFlo for 30 days in order to see if it has the features they need.

Punchh is a top CRM application headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The firm has more than 10 years of experience with the innovation of business software and applications. One of the top features of Punchh is that its software is based in the cloud. This means that companies with a remote or mobile workforce can still take advantage of all of the software’s functions without having to use a specific device or be at the main office. Punchh’s tool works well in the BYOD environment and can be scaled up for companies that are rapidly growing.

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Pipe Drive, based out of New York, New York, is also among the best CRM applications recognized for August. As a recipient of this new monthly award, Pipe Drive is recognized for its ability to scale up its software for a growing company. The software has an endless array of features that make it possible for a thriving business to get down to the nitty gritty details of its data. The Pipe Drive CRM tools focus on financial transactions, but they also make it easy for companies to keep track of other types of customer interactions and inquiries.

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