Bitrix24 Knocks Stress Out for Employees with its New NASA-Proven Stress Management Productivity Features

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Becomes first employee management and online collaboration platform to measure and monitor employee stress levels

Bitrix24, a popular free collaboration and workplace productivity platform, has added stress measurement capabilities to its mobile app. It will allow companies and employees to measure daily stress levels in order to maximize productivity and avoid burnout, as well as other negative workplace performance aspects of unhealthy stress levels.

According to the American Institute of Stress (AIS) 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. As a result, US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly. Everyday Health’s United States of Stress research reveals that in 2018, a third of US-based respondents visited a doctor for something stress-related. Now, in 2019, 94% of American workers report experiencing stress at their workplace.

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By integrating with Welltory, a leading mobile app that has performed millions of stress and heart rate variability measurements, Bitrix24 becomes the first workplace management solution to combine employee performance measurements with personal well-being data for a more holistic approach to productivity.

Any employee using Bitrix24 can measure their stress level by putting a finger on top of their smartphone camera. The smartphone then measures heart rate variability, which is a variation in the time intervals between heart beats (RR-intervals). This technique has proven to be a reliable predictor of stress levels. The method was originally developed for NASA for use by astronauts visiting the space station, and has been scientifically validated by multiple independent researchers.

“Most people can relate to feeling stressed at work. The idea that stress levels can be measured and managed not on just an individual level, but company-wide level as well, is really exciting,” said Dmitry Valyanov, Bitrix24 President.  “We are the first platform to offer stress measuring in the work environment and integrate it with other tools, such as project management, CRM, e-commerce or internal communications.”

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Bitrix24 started as a classic workplace management platform with traditional productivity-enhancing tools such as project management, employee time and task tracking, work reports, workflow automation, social intranet and CRM. Over six million businesses have signed up with the platform over the past seven years. But as the user base grew, so did an understanding that employee performance is also directly linked to personal wellbeing. Bitrix24 realized that issues like employee burnout, information overload and workplace fatigue cannot be managed by traditional employee performance management tools.

With Bitrix24 and Welltory integration, businesses can now have an objective measure of how stressful the work environment is and find ways to reduce the stress levels. Bitrix24 users can also decide whether they want to share their stress level measurements with others. And for privacy, each organization can disable stress measurements for all users inside their Bitrix24 account.

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