Comscore Advances New Personification Methodology Development to Deliver State-of-the-Art Co-Viewing Measurement

New approach is enhancing Comscore’s strategy of using massive and passive data assets as the foundation for stability in audience measurement across platforms

Comscore, a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today announced it has invented the next generation of personification methodology created to bring person-level measurement to its video products. This improved methodology aligns with our long-time strategy to leverage data at scale and is paving the way for continued and expanded reporting on person-level behavior based on Comscore’s world-class household-level information. Comscore will be working with its buy-side and sell-side clients to iterate the innovation and build a true partnership with its client base.

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This personification methodology is a process that estimates which person or persons in a household are viewing a given unit of content. Comscore’s new approach will take full advantage of its massive and passive viewership behavior, thereby mitigating the small sample size and panel bias that is inherent in the current third-party framework. The result will be consistent reporting of person-level viewership estimates in a superior method at granular levels in multiple contexts.

“I am very proud to announce this measurement innovation, as it represents another major step in Comscore’s independence from third-party legacy solutions that are failing and more directly aligns with our cross-platform vision,” said David Algranati, Chief Product Officer, Comscore. “Our Analytics and Innovation teams have been conducting R&D on potential solutions for a new and improved personification method for several years. Comscore’s personification will be a proprietary blend of data sources that will evolve alongside other methodology components, adhering to our principle of using the best-in-class data assets for each segment of the media landscape.”

Comscore’s personification solution will be developed and deployed over time to complement the advantages of household advanced audiences enhanced impression-level reporting for our products and analyses.

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