CRMDialer Announces Release of Revolutionary Visitor Tracking Functionality for Marketers

CRMDialer Announces Release of Revolutionary Visitor Tracking Functionality for Marketers

Visitor Tracking Empowers Sales Teams with Rich Customer Insight to Respond to Hot Leads and Close More Deals

CRMDialer announced the addition of visitor tracking capabilities to its industry-leading all-in-one CRM and communication suite, giving sales teams click-by-click insights and notification of when leads visit their website.  By adding CRMDialer’s code to any website or landing page, businesses will learn in real-time who is browsing which pages and for how long, enabling sales people to take action at the peak of interest.

Positioning itself as an extraordinary CRM, CRMDialer has taken the approach of inventing features and making enterprise-level CRM capabilities accessible to smaller and midsized sales-driven organizations. From lead tracking through contact management with eSignature, CRMDialer eliminates organizational inefficiencies that exist with incumbent CRMs by providing clients with tools to help close more deals and provide better customer service leading to happier customers and less stressed out support staff.

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The latest visitor tracking functionality is linked to CRMDialer’s lead API feature, which automatically creates leads in the system after a prospect submits a website form. The visitor tracking enhancement provides detailed reporting about the lead’s prior web activity—up to six months before they submit a form. Armed with this insight, sales reps can respond to leads when they’re at their hottest, with strategic messaging based on knowledge of a prospect’s granular browsing history and page visit durations.

Visitor tracking supports CRMDialer’s mission of offering a data-driven, 360-degree view of the customer and the buyer’s journey, facilitating collaboration and communication throughout the sales process.  CRMDialer’s visitor tracking feature fills the gap of previously anonymous data provided by existing tools in the marketplace.

“CRMDialer is designed to be powerful yet flexible, maintaining open communication and information sharing so that everyone in an organization has access to the insight that they need to do their jobs better,” said Dimitri Akhrin, president of CRMDialer. “By integrating visitor tracking with our lead management system, we help clients and their sales teams build richer profiles of their prospects so that they can stop guessing about what prospects are interested in and can reach out at just the right time with just the right message to make the sale.”

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