maiData Corporation announced the launch of maiLink SRM software, a new service relationship management (SRM) platform that manages fleets of deployed products and accelerates service. The platform includes a highly secure remote access software solution that dramatically reduces the time to repair most products. maiLink SRM also serves to reduce companies’ carbon footprints by reducing the need for field engineers to be dispatched to customer locations.

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maiLink SRM is a family of B2B products sold to manufacturers, equipment dealers and third-party service providers. Those businesses use maiLink SRM to keep track of deployed products and their owners, manage changes to the products from service operations, and remotely access the products for prognosis, diagnosis and repair of product issues. maiLink SRM is unique in that it combines all functions through a sleek, easy-to-use dashboard. maiData is initially targeting the medical device market with maiLink SRM, although it is broadly applicable to all industrial markets. The company plans to further extend the platform to meet specific needs of medical device companies in the near future.

“maiLink SRM turned out to be exactly the right solution for us,” said Dave Georges, President of Koning Corporation, a provider of novel breast CT scanners. “maiLink SRM not only lets our customers feel better about secure remote access, but also helps us track the state of each of our deployed devices.”

Along with maiLink SRM, maiData is releasing the first accessories for maiLink SRM. maiLink Router is a maiLink compatible software solution that is installed in a virtual machine (VM) inside a medical facility. It allows use of maiLink SRM’s Access capabilities within a facility but with network-connected medical devices that are not natively compatible with maiLink SRM. The company is also releasing maiLink Appliance, a small computer with maiLink Router preinstalled that is designed for facilities where a VM is not available.

“This is a huge boon for third-party service providers, Clinical Asset Management companies and in-house biomedical teams,” commented Bob Desrochers, special service advisor to maiData and former National Service Director for Hologic. “maiLink Router and maiLink Appliance will save those companies a fortune in unnecessary travel times and costs, along with providing increased uptime to their customers.”

“We are very pleased to announce that maiLink SRM platform is now widely available,” said Julian Marshall, CEO of maiData. “We believe that the power and security that maiLink SRM brings to our clients and their customers makes it an excellent choice for companies that want to enhance their service operations. Manufacturers can integrate the maiLink Agent software module into their products and directly tie into maiLink SRM. But to get started more quickly, manufacturers and independent service providers can easily deploy maiLink Router and maiLink Appliance with no integration necessary. That means the advantages of maiLink SRM Access are available immediately.”

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