Marketo Accelerates Quarterly Sales Forecasting Process and Improves Accuracy with Clari

Leading Engagement Marketing Solutions Provider Leverages Clari to Up-Level Sales Execution and Forecasting with Better Visibility and Operational Speed

Clari announced that Marketo, the leading provider of marketing engagement, analytics, and attribution software, has chosen Clari’s predictive sales management solution to add consistency and visibility to its sales forecasting process.

“The ability to accurately predict the forecast is most critical for our organization,” said Eric Johnson, Chief Sales Officer at Marketo. “Clari is helping us align the entire sales team around a continuous, transparent process. As a result, we’re delivering accurate forecasts, focusing the team on the right deals, and identifying risk in the pipeline early in the quarter, helping us to increase predictability.”

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Marketo has a global sales organization that operates in more than 20 countries around the world. The forecasting process across the regions are manual and time-consuming, managed in multiple disparate spreadsheets that were impossible to synchronize. Sales leadership did not have a consistent source of truth about the health of the business.

By leveraging Clari, Marketo has achieved significant outcomes:

  • Reduced forecasting prep time by 50% and increased visibility, delivering more accurate forecasts.
  • Better process rigor and 10x improvement in data quality, as hundreds of Marketo sales reps, managers and executives manage their opportunities in Clari.
  • Improved rep productivity and sales coaching, by leveraging historical sales data and Clari’s sales ready AI to identify top areas of risk and upside.
  • Increased visibility into marketing engagement data on active deals to better evaluate deal health and forecast more accurately.

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Dan Jacobs, vice president of global sales operations at Marketo, added: “Before Clari, our pipeline tended to fluctuate throughout the quarter, creating challenges for us to accurately predict the forecast. Now, the entire team lives in Clari and can easily update their opportunities even on their mobile devices as they are getting out of meetings. The hygiene of the pipeline improved significantly, allowing us to have more strategic conversations about the business.”

“We’re excited to see the Marketo team quickly adopt Clari at every level of the company,” said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari. “When sales teams finally get out of spreadsheets, they take a leap forward in productivity, letting them successfully scale and predictably hit growing revenue targets.”

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