Popular B2B Mobile Applications Used by Businesses

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Although the majority of benefits of a mobile application are confined to B2C businesses, B2B businesses can still benefit from mobile applications. With the right setting and strategy, a business can take advantage of on-the-go mobile applications. For businesses, the chances of running into troubles such as dealing with financing and building the workforce can be overwhelming. Additionally, the challenges with management and coordination among team members can also hamper the service quality. Adding to that, it becomes difficult for businesses to track and keep the timings of every project. B2B mobile applications, here, can help in structuring the working pipeline and offer convenience and efficiency. Let’s see what are some of the popular B2B mobile applications used by diverse businesses and industries.

Google Analytics app

Google Analytics app
Analytics app displaying an overview in an Apple App Store screenshot

The search engine giant’s Google Analytics for mobile is used to measure and optimize visitors visiting a website. It helps in getting real-time data, user insights, user behavioral information, conversions alongside audience data. Users can monitor sets of data to better understand customers’ experiences.


Creating templates using Asana

Asana lets users plan the day, share ideas, and reveal updates on the go. It is available on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms and helps team members stay organized for better performance and productivity. Asana allows users to assign tasks to anyone on the team and creating projects with due dates, subtasks, and notifications, bringing everyone on the same page.

Salesforce mobile

Salesforce Mobile
Accessing Sales Objects in Salesforce Mobile. A screenshot captured on the Apple App Store.

Salesforce mobile app keeps your sales effort and profits in check using CRM. It is a stable and efficient CRM solution matching every desktop version features with the mobile app. All in all, the Salesforce mobile app allows business owners to make sure their business is staying profitable and sales are in continuous development.


Editing, Sending and Signing on the move. Source: DocuSign

As the name suggests, DocuSign takes any scanned document and allows users to insert their signature into the relevant document from a smartphone. With DocuSign, employees can securely send, sign, and manage anything related to documents. In addition to inserting a signature, it allows sending back the document to the office for the team member to carry on with the process. DocuSign offers online signature apps native to every major mobile platform.


View, edit scheduled/draft posts. A screenshot captured on the Apple App Store.

The HootSuite app helps businesses stay informed about their social media accounts on the go. It reflects the same working methodologies as the desktop app and lets users manage all the relevant social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also lets businesses post tweets and updates on Facebook and LinkedIn right from the app.


Integrated tools within Slack. A screenshot taken from the Apple App Store.

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform wherein people work together, connect all their software tools and services, and find/collect the information that they need to do work. All of these facilities are enclosed in a secure, enterprise-grade environment. Slack is made of workspaces, which in turn, is made up of channels where teams communicate and work together. It contains

  • Organized conversations — Sending messages and sharing files in channels.
  • Searchable history —To find relevant messages, files, channels, and people in channels.
  • Connected apps — Add apps to your workspace to connect services or tools that teams are already using.
  • Slack calls — Voice or video calls, share screen, and draw on-screen with team members right from Slack.

Every Slack workspace has a team of members with varying administrative permissions. It comprises Workspace owners, Workspace admins Members, and Guests.

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