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PostcardMania Releases Direct Mail Integration for Data Companies, CRMs and Franchises: New Software is 1st to Trigger Proven Mailer Designs Based on 239,396 Campaigns

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PostcardMania, a $59 million Inc. 500 marketing firm, recently launched new integration for tech companies and franchises that makes designing, ordering, and mailing a targeted direct mail campaign as simple as a few clicks.

SaaS companies and franchises alike can now offer users an integrated print collateral solution without any upfront investment in print manufacturing or delivery.

PostcardMania’s software operates as a dual design builder storefront and API solution, meaning companies can offer their users an in-app one-stop-shop for direct mail. This integration now streamlines several outside touchpoints that business owners and marketers previously had to go through to add direct mail to their pipeline and customer journey.

PostcardMania may not be the first entry into the web-to-print market, but CEO Joy Gendusa cites three reasons her solution stands apart from competitors: user experience (UX), high standards of quality control stemming from a 20-year track record of printing 1.8 billion postcards in-house, and PostcardMania’s exclusive results-based design formula based on 239,396 campaigns and counting.

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“What some companies don’t know when they integrate with most web-to-print software is that they don’t actually print your postcards,” said Gendusa. “Most direct mail integration options on the market now dish out your orders to any printer in the country that happens to have space on their print run, which is a manufacturing term for the huge sheet that a bunch of different advertisements are printed on. The downstream effect is that these SaaS companies don’t know who is providing print collateral for their customers, and that means they have zero quality control.”

At least one major software company has already migrated its web-to-print integration to PostcardMania from an existing integration due to lack of quality control.

“Another factor these companies face is a lack of success for subscribers and franchisors who do dabble with direct mail,” continued Gendusa. “Users often have no experience with direct mail and don’t know what works. PostcardMania has 21 years of direct mail experience and results research on our side, which led to an exclusive design formula that maximizes direct mail success on a per-industry basis — and has been migrated to our integration platform.”

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Clients that interface with PostcardMania’s software also take advantage of discounted direct mail pricing, an on-site United States Postal Service rep and clearing facility to expedite delivery, and an industry-best UX dashboard. The user experience was of paramount importance to Gendusa, who has overseen — and scrapped — numerous iterations of the software over the course of several years due to failure to meet UX standards.

“My goal for this integration has always been that everyday small business owners — and not just professional marketers or agencies — could log on and set up their own direct mail campaign easily, with zero stoppages or headaches,” said Gendusa.

PostcardMania is now offering free demos of their storefront software and API to interested tech companies and franchises.

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