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Experience the New Dimensions of Behavioral Intelligence

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Contentsquare Helps Brands Grow Revenue and Loyalty Through Exclusive Behavioral Insights Powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Recent Marketing trends would reveal the impact of Behavioral Intelligence on Customer Acquisition for B2C brands. Marketing and e-commerce teams are leveraging Behavioral Intelligence to reach Gen Z customers who respond to Personalized campaigns better. If you are planning to outpace the competition with MarTech stack for Behavioral Analytics, here is an update for you. Contentsquare has announced a key technical integration with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to take branded content to unique customers online. Powered by Behavioral IQ and Customer Data Analytics, Contentsquare would provide access to Customer Conversion and content ROI within the Salesforce Cloud dashboard.

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In an official announcement, Contentsquare revealed that it is making its actionable Customer Behavior insights available to brands through the Salesforce LINK Partner Marketplace.

As a leading digital Experience Optimization platform, Contentsquare is already trusted by brands like Avon, Kenzo, Sephora, and GoPro.

Currently, Contentsquare empowers every member of the Digital team to easily measure the impact of their actions, and make fast and productive data-driven decisions to optimize the customer journey.

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How Salesforce and Contetsquare Clear the Clutter in Commerce?

Fueled by Intelligence, Contentsquare breaks the ceiling of traditional KPIs that hamper brands from getting a granular understanding of their omnichannel performance. With this announcement, Contentsquare would bring Behavioral Intelligence from the web, mobile site, and app — down to which in-page elements are encouraging Visitor Engagement and which are Stalling Conversions.


When paired with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Contentsquare’s exclusive engagement and revenue metrics (Content Attractiveness, Revenue per Click, Hesitation Time, etc), Salesforce B2C Commerce clients can quickly see how to streamline their product search process, tailor customer journeys, and enhance content for conversions.

Key Feature in the Behavioral Marketing Stack: How GoPro Used Technology to Reach Relevant Customers?

Global lifestyle brand GoPro uses Contentsquare on a daily basis as its “source of truth” for understanding Customer Behavior and delivering inspirational experiences to its community of content-hungry fans.

“I have never been more stoked to see a technology solution like this one that makes it easy for businesses like mine to scale quickly and achieve our aggressive goals,” said Kathy Ando, Senior Director of eCommerce, GoPro.

Kathy added, “ is stronger, smarter, and more prepared to take on massive Digital transformation through Contentsquare and Salesforce B2C Commerce. Our Conversion rate has never been this strong, thanks to the actionable insights from Contentsquare and the flexibility SCC affords us. Contentsquare has armed GoPro with the fuel to propel our velocity and Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is our launching pad.”

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Experience an Enriched E-Commerce Management at Your Fingertip

The Contentsquare integration available through the Salesforce LINK Partner Marketplace provides brands like GoPro an enriched eCommerce management experience. Brands no longer have to toggle between systems to understand Visitor Behavior in order to troubleshoot issues or zero in on best practices. Valuable input from our common customers will continue to shape our integration roadmap throughout 2019.

Why you Should Consider Empowering Your Entire Commerce Team?

With Contentsquare’s full capabilities at their fingertips — including the CS Live browser extension, which displays KPIs directly onto the brand’s Salesforce B2C Commerce site — the entire eCommerce team can leverage highly visual data to quickly prioritize the UX actions that provide the biggest improvements and identify previously unseen opportunities for growth.

“This integration is the natural next step in our mission to democratize access to insight and empower all experience-builders with access to a deep, straightforward understanding of why customers behave the way they do on their sites and apps,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and Founder, Contentsquare.

Jonathan added, “Consumers today want integrated experiences and so do the teams that are working every day to raise digital standards. We are proud that our experience insights solution is available globally on the Salesforce LINK Partner Marketplace.”

Contentsquare experts and members of the GoPro team will be available at Salesforce Connections 2019, the Customer Engagement event of the year. The ContentSquare integration for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is currently available on the Commerce Cloud Marketplace.

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