Ship.Cars and CarrierSoft Announce Partnership Integrating Popular Transport CRM MegaBee with Ship.Cars Platform

MegaBee and Ship.Cars integration increases exposure to extra carrier capacity, visibility of negotiation process and automated status updates

Ship.Cars, a leading automotive transport technology company, today announced a partnership with CarrierSoft, an automotive transport software provider. CarrierSoft has integrated its Broker TMS platform, MegaBee, with Ship.Cars’s Market, enabling brokers to post loads directly from MegaBee to the load board, providing thousands of new load opportunities for carriers and brokers to act on.

The new partnership creates a seamless flow for brokers to contract with the tens of thousands of auto carriers on the Ship.Cars platform. By leveraging the Ship.Cars suite of products, MegaBee users will now have access to new tools and customer features. These include the ability to negotiate on the platform and receive automated notifications for carrier offers and status updates on loads processed post dispatch.

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CarrierSoft’s broker customers benefit not only with greater access to carrier capacity, but also improved visibility. Customers will receive automated dispatch process updates and timely status emails with the Electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) attached, providing greater accountability and insight into each shipment’s condition throughout its journey.

“CarrierSoft’s MegaBee platform is a popular choice for brokers in the industry and offers a powerful, but user-friendly CRM tool,” says Eftim Eftimov, Vice President of Strategy at Ship.Cars. “Through this partnership, Ship.Cars increases load capacity on the digital marketplace where the MegaBee broker network can now directly post thousands of loads, greatly expanding their access to our vast network of carrier partners and improving their overall user experience.”

In addition to granting access to thousands of carriers, Ship.Cars’s features include tracking loads in real time, negotiating and confirming bookings online, instant dispatching and enhanced electronic proof of delivery – all without the need of phone calls.

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