airfocus has added a customizable new app called Portal to its modular product management platform, enabling teams to update customers and stakeholders on their roadmaps and plans, while gathering feedback and new ideas.

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Engaging with customers is essential to the development and evolution of any product and is a key element of modern product management.

Most teams want to share their ideas, roadmaps, and engage with customers directly, while being able to digest all that information and further support their product decisions, according to Malte Scholz, CEO, airfocus:

“We spent many hours interviewing product teams of diverse backgrounds and have launched our new app to meet the needs of customers that use it for either internal or external product management. By adding the Portal app, product teams can gather feedback from customers and stakeholders, and share information around their ideas and concepts. This allows them to make better decisions about product and be more effective in their roles.”

Including the portal within the platform means product teams can stay within one tool and manage activity within airfocus, creating less disruption to their workflows. It’s easy for stakeholders to leave feedback, and there is no need for product managers to rebuild an entire roadmap or plan from scratch, as they can now use what they have already as a basis for their portal.

Each portal can be customized via url, logo, and color to match corporate branding. Furthermore, the content shared on the portal can be tailored with customer-friendly names, descriptions, and even cover images.

airfocus product manager research in Q4 2021 – Product First: A New Era Of Product Management – revealed that three in 10 product managers felt that understanding exactly what their customers wanted was their biggest challenge.

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“Engaging with customers is essential to the development and evolution of any product and is a key element of modern product management,” continued Malte Scholz. “The airfocus Portal is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a flexible platform that adapts to teams’ unique requirements and gives them what they need – a more modern approach to product management.”

airfocus is the market’s first and only modular product management platform, specifically tailored for product teams to use for market-facing products, internal product management, and IT portfolio management.