Bloomreach Adds New Features to the “Recommendations” Module

Bloomreach, the leader in commerce experience, announced new feature enhancements to the ‘Recommendations’ module of the Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX).

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“Great recommendations provide unified experiences that are relevant, personalized, and memorable,” said Arje Cahn, Chief Product Officer, Bloomreach. “The key to that is deep understanding of product and customer data. That’s what makes Bloomreach different, as recommendations take advantage of our over ten years of investments in AI to drive product search and commerce optimization.”

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The newest features in the brX ‘Recommendations’ module enable businesses to:

  • Recommend products where demand is rising the fastest, as well as those that are already popular and trending on the site.
  • Personalize and understand customer shopping intent by using search and customer browse behavior in real-time, enabling businesses to quickly optimize and product placements automatically re-ranked to improve conversions and revenue.
  • Merchandise recommendations result to improve the commerce experience while also boosting sales and margins.

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