Built on Medallia Experience Cloud Platform, Rybbon Launches New Solution for Automated Digital Rewards

Medallia Technology Partner Rybbon extends solution with digital rewards and business incentive system.

Medallia, a global leader in customer and employee experience, today announced a new solution interface built by Medallia partner Rybbon, a leading provider of digital rewards. Using the Medallia Developer Portal, Rybbon has built an out-of-the-box integration to the Medallia Experience Cloud platform that allows customers to tap Rybbon to automate the management and distribution of incentives for experience programs. Automated rewards can help increase survey responses while helping to reduce time-consuming and costly manual processes.

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“The Rybbon automated digital rewards platform can dramatically reduce administrative time and improve response rates”

“The Rybbon automated digital rewards platform can dramatically reduce administrative time and improve response rates,” said Jignesh Shah, Head of Global Integrated Incentives at Rybbon. “It’s not unusual for our clients to see a dramatic increase in survey response rates by incentivizing respondents with a diverse selection of digital rewards.”

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“The Medallia Developer Platform provides the tools and resources to enable Medallia customers, partners, and developers to unlock the agility of the world-class Medallia Experience Cloud. We are thrilled to see partners like Rybbon developing solutions that help elevate employee and customer experiences,” said Medallia Chief Product Officer Sarika Khanna. “Businesses are demanding the ability to extend and integrate solutions from core platforms. We’re opening the floodgates for customers and partners to innovate and build in-app experiences into their products.”

The Medallia Developer Portal was launched earlier this year as a place for partners and customers to collaborate and build integrations that extend the use and value of Medallia Experience Cloud in a low-code environment. These integrations provide customers with an ecosystem which allows them to use Medallia in new ways with minimal effort.

“Our clients are dedicated to driving loyalty and advocacy by improving the customer and employee experience,” said Steve Vierra, Executive Vice President at Medallia. “Through the Medallia Developer Portal, Rybbon was able to create a solution to give our customers powerful new tools to increase participation, improve engagement, and drive employee recognition.”

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