Corporate Gifting Leader Launches “Reachdesk for People,” Improving Employee Engagement and Retention

“Reachdesk for People” streamlines the way companies connect with employees through gifts to show appreciation, celebrate key moments, and boost culture in an automated and measurable way

Reachdesk, the only global, data-driven corporate gifting platform,  announced the launch of “Reachdesk for People,” a new internal gifting tool created to help HR and People teams attract top talent, drive employee engagement, boost employee retention, and celebrate the moments that matter through meaningful gifting.

Reachdesk for People empowers organizations to send gifts such as personalized swag, customizable marketplace sends, e-gifts and more to potential new hires and their current workforce throughout the entire employee lifecycle. The tool not only enables organizations to gift globally, it also allows them to automate the gifting process and provides measurable results with a simple integration process into the tools HR and Talent teams already use today.

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“Keeping employees happy and attracting top talent is more important than ever, especially with people working all over the world in hybrid working environments,” said Temy Mancusi-Ungaro, Chief Executive Officer at Reachdesk. “This new intelligent tool not only benefits employees, but it also benefits every organization’s bottom line. Reachdesk for People is the perfect solution to change the Great Resignation into the Great Recognition globally.”

Reachdesk for People’s key features include:

  • Simple Integration: Reachdesk for People integrates with leading HRIS platforms, including BambooHR, Workday and HiBob, to ensure employee data is always up-to-date, which allows HR and Talent teams to send gifts directly from their HRIS platforms without manually handling employee data. They choose the gift, and Reachdesk handles the rest.
  • Powerful Automation: Reachdesk for People removes the time-consuming aspects of gifting; HR and Talent teams select the gifts they want to send on an employee’s special occasion, and the Reachdesk platform ensures gifts are delivered to employees on time. There’s no excuse for missing an employee’s birthday, start date or work anniversary anymore.
  • Customizable Marketplace and Global Warehouse Network: With a global marketplace, Reachdesk for People customers can customize a special message and add personal touches to any gift, creating a highly personalized, wow factor to the gifts being sent. Additionally, with multiple warehouses around the world, Reachdesk customers can create their customized gifts within their region and reduce cost, speed up time to delivery, and minimize the carbon footprint of their gifting.
  • Measurable Results: Reachdesk for People provides actionable insights into the number of gifts sent and redeemed, and provides a redemption rate breakdown per gift type, to help HR departments understand the gifting preferences of employees. Reachdesk provides benchmark data to help teams understand how their gifting is performing compared to other businesses.

“At ZoomInfo, we have a culture of excellence. Our employees work hard and play to win – so when we reach our goals, either as teams or as individuals, we make sure to celebrate,” said Paige Kean, Internal Communications Manager at ZoomInfo. “Employee gifting enables us to show our gratitude for employees’ growth, dedication, and talent and ensures they know how valued they are.”

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Reachdesk continues to build an intelligent platform where businesses can do all of their gifting in one place, whether internal or external, anywhere in the world. With Reachdesk’s new brand guarantees, both HR and Talent teams can stretch their dollars further, all while delivering happiness to prospects, customers, and employees alike.

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