Creatd Introduces New Report and Word Count Features to Enhance Creator Experience and Vocal Platform Safety

Creatd, Inc. (“Creatd” or the “Company”), the parent company of Vocal, announced the addition of a new Report button, designed to further promote Vocal’s user safety via community moderation. Additionally, the Company has announced the addition of a word counter to Vocal’s editor, a feature which came about through direct feedback from some of the most active creators on the Vocal platform.

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On Vocal, creators express themselves through stories and are empowered to harness their creativity within the boundaries of our community guidelines. To support that objective, Creatd employs a team of human-led, technology assisted moderators who review every story that is submitted to Vocal before publication.

The new Report feature provides an added layer of protection for Vocal’s creators and acts as a safeguard against any violations of Vocal’s community guidelines. Vocal’s members now have the capability to Report stories that are deemed in violation of Vocal’s standards, and alert the Vocal team that a story requires further review.

Commented Creatd co-CEO Laurie Weisberg, “As Vocal continues to grow, the Creator Experience Team is committed to updating its guidelines to protect the community while maximizing creative freedom. With our new Report feature, we have put into place a direct line of communication between our Creator Experience team and the community members that we serve.”

In addition to the Report feature, Vocal has updated its story editor to include a story’s word count, which works to streamline content creation and help creators more easily monitor their story length. As outlined in its community guidelines, Vocal requires that all submitted stories be at least 600 words in length (or 100 words for poetry.)

Commented Creatd COO and co-founder, Justin Maury, “We believe that maintaining an open dialogue with our creators is essential in order to keep serving our community with the very best storytelling tools and economic opportunities. The word count feature was added as a direct result of conversations with some of our active and longtime Vocal+ members; through those discussions, we saw the value that a built-in word counter would provide in terms of helping creators adhere to our community guidelines as well as tell better stories.”

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