Bidsopt, a leading programmatic advertising platform, has added Connected TV (CTV) functionality to its DSP. Bidsopt will be able to cater to a wider range of audiences as a result of this.

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CTV is the fastest growing segment of the $72 billion TV advertising market in the United States, which is dominated by approximately 300 national advertisers. Bidsopt aims to lower the high entry barriers to TV advertising by making it accessible and measurable to all businesses. The Bidsopt platform was created for advertising agencies and brands looking to capitalise on the rapidly growing and engaged CTV audience. Bidsopt can assist advertisers in buying and measuring advertising performance by combining the powerful viewing experience of TV advertising with the capabilities of SmartTVs.

According to the IAB, 35% of media buyers expect to increase their CTV ad spending in 2021; 56% of overall video ad budgets in 2021 will go to digital video rather than traditional TV; and 73% of CTV ad buyers have already reported shifting budgets from broadcast and cable to CTV in 2021.

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By leveraging Bidsopt DSP, advertisers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access a diverse marketplace with premium, TV-centric supply and curated packages, as well as the ability to explore, plan, and activate deals in a single centralised location.
  • Utilize an efficient planning process to assist in improving and streamlining costs, inventory, and reach.
  • Gain a better understanding of what inventory is included in each package.
  • Use Bidsopt brand safety solutions to protect their brand.

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