Customer Success Intelligence Platform CompleteCSM, Gainsight Partner to Close the Sentiment Gap

New CompleteCSM integration on the Sightline Vault puts deep, real-time customer sentiment and account health insights right at CSM teams’ fingertips.

CompleteCSM, Inc., a rapidly growing software company that democratizes Customer Success Intelligence, is pleased to announce the release of a new, deeper integration with the Gainsight platform, just in time for Pulse for Product 2021. The new initiative will provide CSM teams with greater access to the sentiment data from the conversations between people tucked away within their various data silos and is specifically aimed at closing the ‘sentiment gap’ between a customer’s true opinion of their subscription and the SaaS company’s perception in terms of R/Y/G health.

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“As the world moves towards a consumption-based financial model, where product usage becomes THE revenue-driver, the health of our customers moves directly into the spotlight. The standard measures of customer health in place today, largely focused on product adoption, will no longer be enough. Deep sentiment analysis, far beyond NPS, will be required for Customer Success teams to quickly course-correct with wayward customers. The consumption economy will largely leave behind the concept of renewals forcing companies to broaden their view of customer health and treat it with an even higher degree of urgency.” — Dan Steinman, Chief Evangelist at Gainsight.

The new CompleteCSM integration for Gainsight embeds all of the predictive and prescriptive power of the CS Intelligence Cloud directly into the Gainsight platform. With CompleteCSM, companies can bring in structured and unstructured customer conversational data from any source (Zoom, Gong, Slack, etc.), combine it with operational data, such as product usage, support tickets and training accessed, and apply it to advanced machine learning models that accurately score sentiment, predict propensity, and prescribe next best actions.

When focusing on predictive expansion analytics from conversations, companies that use CompleteCSM in conjunction with a CSM platform, such as Gainsight, can achieve a 5-10% increase in NRR.

“As a SaaS customer success executive, I had become increasingly frustrated by the widening gap between a customer’s health scorecard and the results reflected by their bottom-line NRR. With sentiment now being the main driver of the consumption economy, finding a way to surface accurate and real-time loyalty data from the explosion of digital conversations occurring on Zoom, Gong, Slack, etc. and correlating it with the proliferation of usage data became our new mission. Thanks to advances in AI/ML technologies, we’ve been able to turn that obsession into a reality, allowing us to now create predictive expansion analytics models with precise accuracy.” – Bryan Plaster, co-founder at CompleteCSM.

With the launch of CompleteCSM and its Customer Success (CS) Intelligence Cloud, companies can now unlock all of the sentiment data contained within the multitude of customer calls, chats, social interactions, and support tickets that occur throughout the usual course of business AND correlate it with operational data, such as product usage, to construct a complete and real-time view of each customer’s propensity to buy, renew, churn, or expand at any given point in time.

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