Digsite Launches New Tech for Rapid Research Exploration

From advanced sampling methods to a smoother platform user experience to easier reporting, leading consumer insights platform Digsite has launched an enhanced experience from end-to-end. Their upgraded interface is faster and more mobile-friendly to bring big improvements at every step of the way.

“Our new capabilities help teams achieve a higher quality of participant engagement so they can truly explore and guide decisions,” said Digsite CEO and Co-founder Monika Rogers. “We’ve made our solution even more robust and flexible so you can move fast with confidence.”

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Advanced logic capabilities allow companies to customize their research participant’s experience based on their responses. Set up unique question paths and randomize concepts with ease. Choose exploratory activities like image mark-ups, fill-in-the-blank stories and interactive voting to get more granular than traditional survey questions. Digsite offers agile teams on-demand platform access as well as full-service support to help them explore market opportunities, iterate on concepts, improve shopper journeys and optimize product experiences.

Digsite’s new recruiting capabilities are better than ever, giving brands on-demand access to thousands of verified shoppers. Advanced sampling grants companies access to higher-quality and more relevant participants through verified geo-demographic data, website visits, shopping cart transactions and purchase receipt data. Interact with hundreds of people and then drill down to the most relevant participants with one-on-one interviews based on their responses.

The automated SmartDashboard™ visualizes the most valuable learnings through AI-driven charts, editable graphs, quotes, keywords and sentiment analysis, and upgrades have been made to the direct-to-PowerPoint downloads for super easy reporting.

“I’m thrilled to be rolling out these new features that enhance our capabilities,” said Jill Meneilley, Digsite’s Consumer Insights Director. “The enhancements to the SmartDashboard™ can provide companies with a deck within 24 hours of study close.”

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