HCL Software’s New CX Capabilities Help Users ‘Go Beyond the Transaction’

According to the latest survey, online shoppers are unwilling to wait beyond 30 seconds before abandoning their online transactions. Consumers want these from their online experiences:

  • Highly standardized navigation / product recommendations
  • Security and compliance
  • Connected 360-degree experience, including in Digitized online payments
  • Personalization across online communication channels

HCL Software is offering all these through its latest Fall Release.

COVID-19 has accelerated martech innovations for retail and e-commerce platforms.  Online shoppers have a higher expectation of digital experiences across channels, including the website, email and mobile.  According to the latest Experian’s Global Insights Report, 60 percent of consumers have higher expectations of their digital experience than before Covid-19.

As part of its latest Fall Release, the world’s leading technology innovation company HCL Software announced the availability of the Cloud-native commerce. The HCL Commerce Fall Release is offering highly-interactive CX capabilities for users that include a whole new range of improves Cloud-native technologies and deeper merchandiser experiences. In the last few months, HCL Software has accelerated its product innovation capabilities to help clients deliver engaging customer experiences across the customer journey that go ‘beyond the transaction.’ The Commerce Fall Release is the second major product update in the past six months.

At the time of this announcement, Rajesh Iyer, Vice President, Product Management for HCL Software, spoke to me about the latest HCL Unica release.

Rajesh said,

“With the Fall Release, we’ve doubled down on the cloud-native capabilities of Commerce to provide our customers with unprecedented control of their commerce experience. Additionally, our support for deep behavioral analytics and Google Analytics enables merchandisers to fine-tune this experience to build loyalty and improve conversions. The Commerce Fall Release signifies our commitment and continued investment in the HCL Commerce platform.”

I asked Rajesh, “How is Marketing benefit from the IT modernization strategies?”

Rajesh answered, “Cloud Native is an enabling technology that helps marketers and merchandisers to release new innovations to market faster and stand out as a brand. It enables the business to adapt to changing business demand (scale up for sales peaks, scale down to save costs).”

Rajesh further added, “Portability to run on any cloud, public, private, hybrid or on-prem enables merchants to take advantage of unique capabilities delivered by the different cloud vendors. One cloud may offer capabilities that support your business better than another cloud vendor.” In addition to these, Cloud-native solutions also drive customization – Ability to drive brand experiences that differentiate you from your competitors and enable a seamless buying experience.
Here is a quick overview of what HCL Software is bringing to its users.

Cloud-Native Commerce 

With HCL Solution Factory (SoFy), in just a few clicks, users can create a new website, quickly test brand experiences, or try out the latest innovations from HCL Software, without requiring help from IT.  Additionally, HCL Commerce offers complete portability to deploy a highly secure and scalable commerce solution anywhere including public, private, hybrid or on-premise.

Optimized Merchandising

Business users can now detect and address user struggles in real time with HCL Unica Discover.

Leveraging pre-tagged storefronts and new dashboards driven via Google Analytics data, merchandisers have a visual snapshot of the health of their digital business, all from one place, the HCL Commerce Management Center.

World Class Experience - Users, from marketing and merchandising professionals, can collaborate on the design of the customer experience. They can also synchronize content across online offers and marketing promotions for a consistent and compelling customer journey with HCL Software’s Content and Digital Asset Management Solutions.

The two products that are worth mentioning as part of HCL Unica’s recent announcements include:

  • Unica Interact Message Connector
  • HCL Link

Unica Interact Message Connector

Unica Interact is a sophisticated real-time interaction solution. It helps users to personalize the customer experience and determine the next best action for customer engagement. This happens across various channels such as websites, call centers, point-of-sale, ATM’s, kiosks, and more.

HCL Link

HCL Software announced the release of HCL Link to empower users with highly intuitive platform for making connections – between applications and the data needed to run and transform your business. Link offers out-of-the-box solutions for industry standards and regulatory compliance for operation, business and transactional data integration, including: Financial Payments, Healthcare, Supply Chain EDI, and SAP.

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