MobStac Surpasses 5,000th Customer as Brands and Consumers Embrace ‘Phygital’ Experiences

MobStac’s breakthrough customer engagement platform, Beaconstac, reaches 5 million consumers each month in over 120 countries.

MobStac, creators of Beaconstac, a phygital customer engagement platform for brands and businesses of all sizes, today announced it surpassed the 5,000-customer mark. Beaconstac enables digital customer experiences for physical objects and places using smartphones.

MobStac’s customer base grew 9x over the last 12 months and its QR code solution alone drove 500% revenue growth for the company between June 2020 to June 2021. Today, the Beaconstac platform reaches over 5 million consumers each month in over 120 countries.

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The company’s 5,000th customer is Weill Cornell Medicine, one of the nation’s top-ranked healthcare institutions. They utilize unique QR codes in various printed and digital communications to build a direct relationship with participants and enroll them in a NIH national research study called the All of Us Research Program.

“QR codes have made it much easier for people to immediately learn about and enroll in the program,” said Lois Lord-Sharma, communications manager for the All of Us Research Program. “They are also instrumental in helping us measure the relative effectiveness of various communications channels to see which are most impactful.”

COVID-19 caused businesses around the world to embrace QR technology as a way to offer their customers a touch-free experience. MobStac’s continued growth shows that, even as society opens back up, QR codes remain highly popular among millions of consumers who have come to expect them as a convenient, safe, efficient way to engage with their favorite businesses. Additionally, brands and businesses around the world are embracing QR as a new digital channel for engagement, data collection, and marketing innovation

“Digital transformation accelerated throughout the pandemic as brands pivoted to focus on and improve their digital identities and connect with consumers online. As a result, brands swiftly adopted marketing and customer engagement strategies that link their physical products with an online experience,” said Sharat Potharaju, co-founder and CEO of MobStac.

“The rise of direct-to-consumer brands and the need to collect first-party data have also pushed marketers to level-up their use of QR codes to make deeper connections with their customers, track engagement and campaign performance, and uncover deep shopper insights. All of these are driving businesses to our unified phygital customer engagement platform.”

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Over the last year, Beaconstac experienced the most significant customer growth in three key industries:

  1. Food & Beverages                      833% increase
  2. Real Estate                                 400% increase
  3. Consumer Goods                      275% increase

Some of the world’s largest brands like Nestle, T-Mobile, Revlon, and Hilton use Beaconstac to scale digital marketing campaigns, analyze consumer behavior, collect first-party data, and build brand affinity with engaging mobile content.

MobStac has doubled the size of its team since 2020, bringing on new employees across its customer success, marketing, and product teams to support the influx of Beaconstac customers. The company currently has offices in New York City and Bangalore, India.

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