Optimizely Launches Education Academy So Product, Marketing and Technical Employees Can Experiment

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New Platform Provides Personalized Courses And Certification Programs To Expand Experimentation Skills

Optimizely, the world’s leading Experimentation Platform, announced the new Optimizely Academy from the company’s annual customer conference, Opticon. The new training platform contains in-depth resources, courses and certification programs for marketers and developers who want to improve and gain new experimentation skills. Optimizely Academy is available now and built seamlessly into Optiverse, Optimizely’s online customer success platform.

As demands for experimentation skills increase across product, technical and marketing departments, team leaders and individual employees require an accessible training tool to deepen their knowledge and get colleagues up to speed. The Optimizely Academy offers a tailored experience for each user and team based on the maturity of their experimentation program. Through a full library of engaging video content, personalized topics and in-depth courses, customers can improve their knowledge of Optimizely capabilities and experimentation best practices.

“We introduced the initial version of our online training program three years ago and have invested significant resources along the way to understand what content customers found most engaging and what areas we needed to revamp. We want our customers to learn the experimentation skills they need to be successful, and our new Academy reflects a continued investment from us to help instill this culture in the industry. The redesigned customer experience tailored to each user, along with new in-depth courses and certification programs, are just the beginning of what we hope will be a successful, engaging learning experience,” Adam Avramescu, Director, Optiverse and Customer Education said.

Training courses are available on-demand through the Optimizely Academy portal within Optiverse. Select courses will also be offered live throughout the year via scheduled online learning sessions. In addition to in-depth training focused on skills for using the Optimizely platform, a variety of resources for professionals looking to instill more experimentation into their teams or workflows are available, including:

  • How to build and cultivate a culture of experimentation within an organization
  • Structuring and setting up a team for success
  • Growing an experimentation program


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