Postaga Raises $180K to Automate Manual Outreach and Press Relations

Tech company launches new AI tool, joins TinySeed accelerator to help marketers drive web traffic, earn press

Postaga, an outreach platform that helps marketers drive traffic, boost search rankings, and earn press coverage, announced today it raised $180,000 in seed funding from the TinySeed accelerator program.

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The funding and TinySeed’s collaborative network will advance Postaga’s mission to help business owners and marketers analyze their digital presence; connect with relevant bloggers, podcasters, and businesses; gain exposure, and save time in their outreach.

“In less than two months of being in the TinySeed program, we have learned more about running and scaling a business than we would have in years of trying to go it alone,” said Postaga co-founder Andy Cabasso. “Postaga is going to help businesses grow faster than ever, by enabling them to more easily get access to press coverage, reach new audiences, grow their traffic, and find new customers. Being able to lean on the expertise of entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated technical or operational challenges or found success with specific marketing channels has been an invaluable resource.”

Business owners and marketers all want their websites to stand out in a competitive market, generate more traffic, and ink more customers. But over the years, marketing strategies like SEO, paid search, social media, and press relations have become more complicated, expensive, and time-intensive.

Many small businesses spend more than $2,000 per month to enhance their SEO or devote dozens of hours researching and testing techniques on their own. Earning press or blog coverage is a similar challenge, entailing that marketers spend days scouring the internet for relevant opportunities and crafting custom messages to manually send to dozens of contacts.

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In just a few minutes, Postaga’s tools eliminate the pain and guesswork that marketers face when trying to increase traffic, boost search rankings, earn press coverage, and connect with potential customers. Postaga’s workflow analyzes websites, blog posts, and podcasts to find the best outreach opportunities, retrieve contact details, and sends them personalized outreach and follow-up emails.

“The traction and growth Sam and Andy achieved right out of the gate was an obvious sign that Postaga has the makings of a great business,” said TinySeed co-founder Rob Walling.

Postaga recently launched its artificial intelligence tool, Content Hub, to further automate outreach campaigns. Content Hub analyzes a user’s website to determine the best outreach opportunities for their business and launch the automated campaign with the click of a button. Postaga also analyzes websites to provide suggestions on what type of content users should create to use in their outreach, creating more opportunities for valuable backlinks that will improve search rankings and increase traffic.

Postaga user Dayana Mayfield generated a 12 percent win rate on her podcast pitches and booked three podcasts per month by spending 10 minutes on her monthly campaigns. Mayfield’s previous process to find a dozen podcasts, obtain contact info, and craft custom messages took several hours.

“Manual podcast research is very time-consuming,” Mayfield said. “Postaga handles podcast research and pitching for me. I use it to find podcasts based on topic keywords, check that the podcast is still active, view the total number of episodes so I’m not pitching brand new podcasts, and pull up the host’s contact information.”

Postaga co-founders Andy Cabasso and Sam Brodie were suitemates in college and reconnected to start a digital marketing agency that they sold in 2016. With their marketing backgrounds, the duo is excited to revamp the traditional outreach process for businesses around the world.

“Postaga is going to be the end of spammy, irrelevant emails crowding people’s inboxes,” Cabasso said. “There will be no more excuses for mass emailing irrelevant websites or offering bad pitches to the wrong people, wasting people’s time. I’m excited to see where we’ll be a year from now.”

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