PrivX chosen as the Privileged Access Management solution by Fujitsu for their Customer Management Environment (CME) platform

PrivX improves security and auditability, decreases manual work, and lowers the cost of producing services

SSH.COM today announced that Fujitsu has selected to implement PrivX as a critical tool in their CME environment, which Fujitsu uses to govern and manage access to their customers’ environments. Fujitsu has multiple large customers in their managed environment, providing hosting, network management, application services, SOC (Security Operations Centre) & SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management) services and development for their customers. With PrivX, Fujitsu can ensure strict control over who has access to what and how that is governed and controlled and audited in a Just-In-Time manner. 

Fujitsu had previously been using traditional PAM solutions to manage CME access for customers which meant by managing multiple jump hosts. PrivX will help simplify the management of ever-changing environments and automate access with less manual work.

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“By deploying PrivX, Fujitsu can improve its operational efficiency, offer customers robust auditing, and lower the cost of providing the services to customers,” said Mr. Petri Heinälä, Security Offerings Architect at Fujitsu. ”With PrivX we can minimize manual configuration work and automate processes in a way that was not possible with the previous-generation PAM tools we had in use.”

“Fujitsu is a front-runner in developing and maintaining efficient cloud-based services to their customers. I am pleased that they have chosen PrivX as a part of their critical infrastructure,” said Dr. Teemu Tunkelo, SSH.COM’s Chief Executive Officer. “It is especially gratifying that Fujitsu compared PrivX against the leading PAM systems on the market and chose it as their solution.”

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PrivX is lean, quick-to-implement, and easy-to-use access management software for privileged access to on-premise and cloud environments. PrivX helps clients to flexibly enable and control access to servers, network devices, and other critical infrastructure according to user roles and privileges. PrivX offers unique modern features and functionality that, compared with in-house and traditional tools, not only strengthen IT security but also increase the speed of business and lower privileged access implementation and operating costs.

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