PropFuel, a software platform, has launched a new ebook for association professionals titled “Conversational Engagement.” Conversational Engagement is a form of digital engagement that takes the principles of what works in one-on-one communications and applies them at scale to an entire membership.

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For organizations with members to serve, two-way communications are important to understand wants and needs on a regular basis throughout the member lifecycle. Digital communications are too often one-directional, dead-end broadcasts – delivered based on generic, limited personas and automated workflows – which may or may not be what is valuable and timely to an individual member. Conversational Engagement solves for this knowledge gap by asking questions, capturing real-time member insights (zero-party data) and triggering a series of actions far beyond recording clicks and opens.

PropFuel’s ebook covers the philosophy of Conversational Engagement, its basic components, and examples of real association campaigns. Topics in the ebook include:

  • Conversational Engagement philosophy.
  • What’s missing in broadcast communications.
  • Knowing vs. guessing member needs.
  • Two-way, personal communications.
  • Engagement vs. personalization.
  • Conversations at scale.
  • Engagement vs. opens.
  • How to ask questions and follow up.

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“Over the last year, we have worked with our 100+ clients to develop and refine the concept of Conversational Engagement, designing tools to better serve their members through two-way communications. This ebook lays the foundation for how we want to revolutionize the way associations serve with their members, starting with reclaiming email as the two-way, conversational platform it was originally designed to be,” stated Cameron Aubuchon, PropFuel Co-Founder, CTO and ebook author.

Conversational Engagement is the foundation of PropFuel’s platform, which helps associations transition broadcasts into communications that start a conversation with each member. Clients develop campaigns using PropFuel’s Ask, Capture and Act methodology to lead members, prospects and other association stakeholders down a path they choose. Conversation starters, which can be as simple as asking a single question, kick off the beginning of a communication that can progress through triggered actions, including writing data back to other systems – and can ultimately lead to more personal conversations between clients and their members.

Dave Will, PropFuel Co-Founder, added, “Over the past few years we’ve observed the gap between how associations communicate with members and how human beings actually communicate effectively. While you may have thousands of members, there is a way to converse with a market of one, with each individual in your organization: the solution is Conversational Engagement.”

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