Sibyl™ NPS® Software Platform for B2B Customer Experience Launched

Marketers can now manage their brand reputation with better effectiveness than ever before.  Signet Research, Inc., a leading New Jersey-based marketing research firm specializing in media research, introduced the Net Promoter Score (NPS®) software called Sibyl™ for B2B businesses, media companies and brand marketers.

Sibyl™ is designed to provide media companies with critical sagacity on how their brands and services are faring among the customers. It will help B2B marketers optimize their campaigns to retain and expand their clientele. Sibyl™ is aimed at helping businesses reach the pinnacle of customer loyalty in the competitive SaaS marketplace.

Currently, Sibyl is the solitary NPS platform for B2B media companies, SaaS solution provider, and marketers, delivering them real-time data and predictive analytics to realize effective client growth potential.

How the NPS® Software works?

The NPS software developed by Signet Research is an industry-approved widely used to measure customer satisfaction. It is adopted to derive high response rates from the customers, which in return is used to make accurate predictions on brand growth and churn.

“The idea for Sibyl™ originated from our clients’ interest in a turn-key customer satisfaction tool that not only allows them to react quickly to customer feedback but was customizable to their business needs,” explains Joanna Zanopoulo, President of Signet Research. ”

The NPS® software differentiates the customer as “Promoters”, “Passives”, and “Detractors” depending on the response to the question –

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this company’s product or service to a friend or colleague?”

Responses 9 and 10 are promoters, 7 and 8 are passives, and responders between 0-6 are detractors.

Sibyl™ calculates the NPS for a particular brand based on the difference between the percentage of “Promoters” and the percentage of “Detractors”.

“The beauty of Sibyl™ is in its custom question follow-up functionality,” affirms Joanna Zanopoulo.  “A score in itself doesn’t mean much without explanation.  We want businesses to understand the ‘whys’ behind a customer’s NPS® score so they can look at their customer relationships more strategically.”

We built Sibyl™ with that notion in mind, and created an easy-to-use software package that has a great deal of flexibility in gathering and reporting data while staying true to delivering reliable satisfaction metrics.”

Features of Sibyl

  • Adaptable interactive dashboard with easy-to-view analytics, NPS score and market trends
  • Custom notifications and alerts triggered by customer action
  • Optimized survey throttling with anti-fatigue rules
  • Data exporting streams with filtered results
  • Intuitive filtering engine with customized client interaction
  • Platform optimization with CRM compatibility and management tools integration
  • Campaign segmentation with multiple engagement options – email, the web, mobile, apps, SMS/MMS

Sibyl™ NPS® Software enables the brand marketers to identify and respond to unsatisfied customers and the indifferent ones before they can influence the marketing campaigns negatively. The NPS® software also accelerates the marketing efforts by optimizing promotion and enhancing customer allegiance.

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