Taylor Reach Group to Co-Produce 15th Annual SCORE Customer Experience Conference


SCORE 2017 will focus exclusively on how companies can develop a Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy as part of their corporate DNA 

Each year SCORE brings together hundreds of CX, CRM and customer care leaders for a conference and awards gala. SCORE 2017 will focus exclusively on how companies can develop a Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy as part of their corporate DNA to lock in profitable, long-term customer loyalty. This year’s event will be held on November 1-2 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, MA.

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.’s CEO, Colin Taylor, will be a keynote speaker at the conference and will share his knowledge and experience in designing and implementing effective Customer Experience Management strategies. Colin is an acknowledged pioneer and innovator in the areas of Customer Experience, Customer Service, and Contact Centers. For more than 40 years Colin has been helping organizations achieve their Customer Experience and Customer Service goals. Colin’s clients have received more than 30 awards globally and Colin is a regular speaker having spoken on four continents. Other key-note speakers at the 15th annual SCORE Conference include; Bill Moore, Customer Experience guru for designing and delivering CX management best-practices, workshops and employee loyalty training and retention programs. Moore is the Vice President of the Customer Relationship Management Institute (CRMI) and has been operating in the Customer Service industry for 37+ years. Bill will address this year’s theme and “12 Key Components to Building a Successful CX Strategy”. Also speaking will be nationally recognized CRM industry pioneers including VP and CX Branding expert, Bill Bradley, Taylor Reach Group’s President, John Cockerill, and master of analytics, Duncan Heal.

“Customers – not products or services – are the source of all revenue and profits.”

The Taylor Reach Group, Inc.(TRG), a globally recognized Call Center, Contact Center, CEM and CX consulting firm, will be co-producing this year’s SCORE Conference. CEO and Chief Chaos Officer of Taylor Reach Group, Colin Taylor, said, “SCORE is a great opportunity to take your CEM initiatives to the next level and leverage your CEM investments to imbed CEM and the Customer Experience into everything you do. The conference presents best-in-class leaders with new and transformative concepts for customer satisfaction, building culture, employee engagement and customer retention and loyalty, all while demonstrating how these initiatives are linked to increased revenues and profits”.

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